How Does The Moon Affect Mother Earth and Crystals

Laura Konst
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In this article we will go through how the moon affects Mother Earth as well as all living beings. Lunar effects are well documented and can offer insight into the way we feel and the phases we go through each month. Being aware of the emotional effects the moon cycle can have on you can also help you pick the most appropriate crystals to meditate with during certain times of the month. So, let’s start from the beginning.


The beginning

About 4.4 Billion years ago, when  Earth was still in the making, protoplanet Theia collided with planet Earth. Theia shattered in pieces and there was nothing left of her. Then, a huge piece was dislodged from Earth herself and the debris formed a ring around the Earth and over a few thousand years, became Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon. The Moon remained a molten astral body for 200 million years before it solidified and formed  the Moon as we know it today.

The effect of the Moon on planet Earth is undeniable. The most known and visible effects are the tides. The Moon’s pull of gravity causes something called tidal force. Tidal force is when the side facing the moon and the opposite side of Earth cause the water to bulge; these are the high tides. As Earth rotates each part of the Earth is going through two bulges and two flats in one day, experiencing two high and two low tides per day.

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The effects of the moon on Mother Earth and creatures

Many creatures are known to show certain behaviour around specific moon cycles. For example, various bird species time their migration around the full moon, presumably to make use of the extra light. A variety of insect and fish species time their reproduction around a full or new moon cycle as well. Interestingly, some dung beetle species are better at food gathering during the full moon. That is because the Moon is their navigation, the fuller the Moon the better they can navigate. Hunters, especially lions, hunt less around a full moon, as their prey can spot them easier.

Between October and December there is one occurrence that can be witnessed from space, which is always triggered right after a full Moon. At the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, when the temperature, availability of food and salinity are just right the mass spawning of corals takes place. It is a very impressive thing to witness that looks like a snowstorm in the ocean, and with billions of corals releasing their eggs and sperm at the same time.

Rose Quartz in plant

The effects of the moon on Mother Earth and plants;

Did you know there is something called ‘Moon gardening’? The, has written a wonderful piece on this phenomenon. The way Anne Gibson explains it is this, “Moon gardening is simply learning to garden according to the moon’s phases. Sowing and harvesting in harmony with the flow of moisture as it is drawn up the plant into the stem and leaves, fruit and seeds. Or down into the root zone with the gravitational pull of the moon.”

As you may have seen yourself, some plants' leaves rise and fall with the 24 hours clock, mostly as a reaction to the daylight and night darkness. Just like the 24 hour schedule, some plants are affected by the Moon cycle as well. These changes are difficult to see for the human eye but the invention of the time-lapse camera made it much easier to see for researchers. During a full Moon their leaves are more perky and lively than a new moon. They seem to have more sap in their ‘body’ during a full Moon. Hence it is best to prune and cut leaves from a sappy plant, when it is a new Moon to avoid ‘Lunar Burn’. Drier plants however are best to prune and cut when they do have more sap, as it stimulates further growth.

Interestingly, plants at the International Space Station showed a 90 minute cycle (the time the station orbits the Earth) that lines up with the position relative to the Moon as well. Rather than the 29 days cycle, of the Moon position relative to the Earth. 

Our CEO and Founder Laura has written her personal story about How to Use Crystals for Indoor Plants.

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The effects of the moon on Mother Earth and humans

The Lunar effect on humans is a never ending discussion. The belief of the Lunar effect dates back over thousands of years. One of the oldest pieces of evidence for this is a Mesopotamian tablet that dates back to172 BCE, and is kept at the National Maritime Museum. On it,  it states that people believed that the lunar eclipse threatened the life of the King and were trying to find ways to ward off this evil effect.    

The more positive beliefs on the Lunar effect were in ancient Rome and Greece where, at birth, girls were given a crescent shaped amulet to protect them from evil. Women also wore them to improve fertility and protection during childbirth.

The term ‘lunatic’ was commonly used around the fourth and fifth centuries, the word derives from the Latin word ‘lunaticus’ - ‘moon struck’, when they believed that psychiatric and neurological diseases were induced by the Moon. Up until today various studies have been done on the mental health effects that the Moon may have on humans, but none of them are conclusive so far.

In contrast to these studies many people do believe they witness and feel that they, and others are affected by the Moon's energy. They might notice that their sleep is affected negatively and that the people around them are more agitated.

Funny facts; In 2007, the police in Brighton, UK, decided to increase their force during the full Moon as they believed there was a trend of more violence. Similar observations were seen by the police forces in Ohio and Kentucky, USA in 2008.

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The Lunar effect and the function of crystals

Here, at Tali & Loz we love Lunar life, and are true believers of this phenomenon. We have also been fascinated by the magic of the moon for as long as we can remember. Lunar life is consciously reflecting and observing yourself according to the Moon’s eight phases.

For example; the new Moon phase is for us a phase to deeply reflect inward,

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turning away from other energies, almost like the Moon is ‘turning away’ from Earth and we can’t see her. At this time we take the decision to meditate with the intention of inner reflection and new beginnings. We love to meditate with Moonstone at this stage, Moonstone is known as ‘the stone of new beginnings’.

When Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, the Moon appears as a Full Moon, as they are the opposite astrological signs, their pull on us is strong, everyone’s emotions appear to be higher, more on edge, more ‘out there, showing off’. For us this is the time to focus on balance and to remain calm. Brecciated Jasper is our go-to crystal at this moon phase, it encourages us to remain calm and focused.

The Moon’s energy rules everyone's emotions and subconsciousness. Everyone

Brecciated Jasper Tumbles

has a natal position of the Moon, the day, time and place you are born corresponds to the moon position in a zodiac, and that is your moon sign. The Moon visits each zodiac within a month, taking approximately two days to visit each zodiac, hence all the above factors are important to determine your Moon sign.


The Moon and Crystals

As mother Earth's creations and the keepers of energy, crystals thrive on the energy that Earth's natural satellite, the Moon, gives them. Just like living beings on Earth, crystals also absorb the energy of the Moon and are then able to give back the energy and vibrations to all living beings.

Since ancient times crystals have been used and charged with the divine energy of the Moon. Charge your crystals at full Moon, the most powerful Lunar phase. After this Moon bath, you can then use their divine energy, to recharge and realign yourself or specific chakras with this energy. If the crystals have experienced negative or stressful energy, bathe the crystal in sage smoke first.

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Do you experience Lunar effects as well and do you use specific crystals during specific Moon phases? Please share them with the Tali & Loz tribe!

As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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