Best Healing Crystals for Libra- Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign

Those born under the Libra zodiac sign have a plethora of positive traits that make up their personality and are some of the most charming and gifted individuals. Libras embody grace, beauty and luxury. While overall these traits can serve Libras well, they can sometimes appear arrogant or self-centred. The good news is that Libras are open to discussion and if you constructively approach the subject, they will be sure to change their behavior to keep the peace within a friend group or relationship. This zodiac sign has an acute sense of right and wrong and they make amazing advocates, fighting for justice and helping bridge communication channels with their friendly personalities. Keep reading for some of the best healing stones for Libra that you can use to enhance your unique traits and personality. 


Characteristics of Libra - Strengths and Weaknesses  

Date Duration: September 23rd - October 22nd

Air element sign

Symbol: The Scales 

Element: Air 

Modality: Cardinal 

Planetary Ruler: Venus 

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra longs for commitment, self-love and is all about honest communication. This zodiac sign loves the feeling of being in love, so it's a good thing their social grace and elegant manner attract potential suitors faster than they know what to do with them. Even though Libra shares a planet with Taurus, the two zodiac signs have a completely different way of approaching the situation. Taurus is focused on earthly experiences and material gains whereas Libra is associated with the intellectual side of the Goddess. Venus might be flirtatious but she is also all about justice, fairness and balance. As a cardinal sign, Libras can relate to others on a profound level and are always thinking of new ideas. At the same time, Libras can easily get lost in self-indulgence and struggle with making a decision when their energy is unbalanced. These healing crystals for Libra can assist and counteract their negative traits and promote better decision making. 

Top Picks for Libra Crystals 

Angel Aura TowersAngel Aura Towers

Ocean Jasper SpheresOcean Jasper Spheres

Epidote Tumblestones Epidote Tumblestones

What is the Libra Birthstone? 

One of the all-time birthstones for October is Opal. Other alternative crystals that are associated with Libra energy are Pink Tourmaline, Epidote and Ametrine

Epidote takes its name from the Greek word “epidosis” meaning “performance”. It symbolizes growth and maturity and can be a lovely encouragement to Libras, bringing with it optimism and harmony. 


Best Healing Crystals for Libra 

Bumblebee Jasper 

This unusual stone vibrates to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras and has a 

Bumblebee jasper tower

strong connection to the Sun element. A Fire element stone, Bumblebee Jasper helps you find your personal power and enhances vitality. For Libras, this is an excellent stone that will move you into action so you can follow your dreams without listening to the haters. 

Rose Quartz 

Known as the "Stone of Universal Love", Rose Quartz couldn't be missing from 

Rough rose quartz

the list of best healing stones for Libra. Venus-ruled, Libra embodies sensuality, beauty and desire, and Heart Chakra stones like Rose Quartz make excellent matches for their energy. A great healing crystal when working on building healthy relationships and keeping the negative vibes away from your space. 


Libras are big thinkers that like to plan ahead and avoid silly or irrational 

Celestite druzy

decisions. On the other hand, they can be a bit slow with finally reaching a verdict and this indecision can manifest as self-doubt. Celestite is all about clear thinking and mindfulness. Whether you are using it during meditation or keeping it near your bed, its high vibrational energies will uplift your energy and allow you to connect to your spiritual guardians. 

Green Quartz 

Another excellent option for Libra energy, Green Quartz is a Heart Chakra 

Green quartz tumblestones

stone  that will reconnect you to the Earth element and keep your energy present in the moment. This is highly beneficial to Libras who are self-critical and try too hard to please everyone around them. Green Quartz is perfect for mental health professionals to protect the mind and body from negative energy. 

Tourmaline in Quartz 

This captivating October birthstone is one of the ultimate protection stones that 

Tourmaline in quartz

can balance competing energies and allow you to find balance. Tourmaline in Quartz strengthens the body and spirit against negative energy and aids the loving Libra to harmonize with the environment and reach clarity in their thoughts. 

Strawberry Quartz 

Strawberry Quartz, also known as Red Quartz, is deeply connected to the Root 

Strawberry quartz tumbles

and Sacral Chakras and great for Libra, Pisces and Aquarius zodiac signs. This loving crystal can stimulate your energy and bring forward heart centred awareness, allowing you to exist in the moment. It also boosts focus and concentration, allowing you to prioritize and not let distractions carry you away. 


The Moon energy is associated with all things femininity, pleasure and fertility. 

Moonstone tumbles

Moonstone is a great healing crystal for Libra that complements their elegant and sensual side and encourages inner healing and a balanced relationship with one’s self and others. Start using your Moonstone during the New Moon circle to manifest change and stimulate new beginnings. 

Ocean Jasper 

Ocean Jasper has a strong connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is a 

Ocean jasper tumbles

centre of power, discipline and determination. Similar to Libra, Ocean Jasper has a dual nature; soft yet strong; charming yet unyielding. The contrasting nature of Ocean Jasper is a gentle reminder to Libra, that they can't please everyone and they should embrace their true self rather than mould and change to what others want them to be. 


Angel Aura 

Angel Aura is a soothing crystal that helps Librans feel lighter and lifts all anxiety

Angel aura Spheres

and stress away. As a Moon ruled crystal, it has very powerful vibrations that can provide mental focus and clear away uncertainty and doubts. This is a great stone to keep near your bed to encourage restful dreams. 

Want a Libra crystal set? 

Libra Set

Browse our carefully selected bundle of Libra Zodiac Crystals to add to your crystal collection. This set makes a wonderful gift for your favourite Libran or even yourself! Let the combined benefits of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Green Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Epidote, Tourmaline in Quartz and Strawberry Quartz help you on your journey to a better you. 


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for free crystal advice! 

 Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz
 Love & Light, Laura 


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