Ethical Trade and Environment Statement

Our Ethical Trade and Environment Statement

We, at Tali & Loz, are proud to support suppliers with a strong commitment to ethically and environmentally friendly sourced products.

Our crystal suppliers has been a family business for over 50 years and has built strong relationships with their customers during that time. We are proud to support our supplier based on their commitment and dedication to ethical trade.

Whenever possible they visit the factories and mines in person and their suppliers have been selected for their reliability and trustworthiness.  

The crystal trade is generally artisanal which means that by purchasing from an ethical trader you are assured that this money is going back to communities and not big businesses. The vast majority of the individuals employed, extract crystals as their sole source of income in communities where no other opportunities are available.

Our crystal range packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, where we also use biodegradable materials.

We are passionate about the health of the planet, and the people and creatures living on it. Choose your products wisely.

Tali & Loz