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Crystal Mystery Sets - Let the Universe Decide

Crystal Mystery Sets - Let the Universe Decide

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Personalised Crystal Mystery Sets

We are very exited that we can bring you mystery crystal sets!

As always, you will receive the product cards with each crystal so you know which crystal is in the set and what you can use the crystal for. Our mystery sets are packed in our luxury gifting packaging. Which includes vegan silk pouches, luxury boxes with bows and dried flower petals.

What to expect? Of course, we will not tell you exactly what is in the boxes but here is rough guide of the content.

We will promise the RRP will meet or exceed the prices of the mystery crystal sets.

Optional but recommended; Leave a note at checkout 

These crystals are intuitively chosen, and in order to get the perfect set we would love to know some info about the receiver. For example; their date of birth, their character and what they might need. We can use this intel for a personalised mystery mix! Any preferences such as; crystals, colours, shapes etc. If we have them available we will choose these. Of course if there is anything to avoid, let us know as well.

If you like to add a Zodiac Crystal Candle (available with sets from £30,-) please let us know which zodiac candle you like to add and then we add on crystals to complete the sets.  

Here some examples:

Mystery Set: £10/£15

Two to four (XL) tumblestones, small rough pieces, small shapes or a mix - The perfect ones for you or the lucky receiver to carry with them or place them underneath their pillow.

Mystery Set: £30/£50

One to seven crystals - This could be a mixture of palmstones, tumblestones, rough pieces, or shapes. You might even receive one large piece!

Mystery Set: £55/£75

Medium to large pieces and/or a crystal set and perhaps some other smaller pieces, including palmstones, tumblestones, rough crystals. A fantastic collection!

Mystery Set: £75+

Medium to large pieces or one special piece, perhaps some small shapes too. We recommend to leave us a note with these size of boxes to get the ultimate set.

Sage: £9.50

Sage is a great to gift to anyone to cleanse their space. We have so many varieties! 

Mystery Set: £200+ (any price above £200)

Are you looking for the ultimate deluxe crystal set? Please contact us at and we will make a fantastic custom collection for you.

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Charity Support

£1 of every sale will be donated to Centre for Mental Health via Work for Good

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