Amethyst for Energy Protection and Higher Connection

Amethyst Freeform

As a powerful gem that offers its users energy protection and higher connection, Amethyst is one of the most widely used stones among crystal enthusiast and newbies alike. For thousands of years, Amethyst has been highly coveted for both its beauty and its strength, but if you’re wondering whether or not this popular crystal is worth adding to your collection, read on, dear friend. Read on.


Discovering Amethyst

To the average person, Amethyst may be nothing more than February’s birthstone, but to spiritualists, healers, and anyone else who works in the mineral kingdom, Amethyst is an essential stone for everyday use. But that wasn’t always the case…

Amethyst hedgehog in hands

Did you know that Amethyst used to be considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world? Before the 18th century, when it was discovered in large quantities in Brazil, Amethyst was worth equally as much as rare gems like emeralds, and rubies.

Now, thanks to its abundance, Amethyst is an affordable crystal that you can easily add to your collection. Plus, if you’re new to working within the mineral kingdom, Amethyst is a great “gateway” crystal to help you get started.

Historically speaking, Amethyst was believed to reverse the effects of intoxication. In fact, the word Amethyst is a derivative of the original Greek word, “amethystos”, which roughly translates to “not intoxicating.” Although that may not necessarily be the case, we now know that these stones can be a powerful aid in overcoming bad habits and reducing overindulgent tendencies.

As a purifying stone, Amethyst can help clear negative energy and attachments. It is associated with the air and water elements, making it an exceptional tool for stimulating the mind. Plus, with its connection to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, it can naturally enhance your intuitive and psychic abilities.


Working with Amethyst

This lovely lavender to deep purple gem is a member of the Quartz family, and has trace amounts of iron and aluminum. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it great for jewelry (as it was often used in ancient Egypt), but whether you choose to wear Amethyst as fashion statement or a means of energetic protection is up to you.

You may also consider wearing Amethyst jewelry for its ability to: 

Amethyst Pendant
  • Reduce stress
  • Sooth irritability
  • Balance the mind
  • Facilitate spiritual connection
  • Counter addictive behaviors
  • Ward off negative or unwanted energy
  • Enhance intuition
  • Improve mental clarity

Beyond incorporating Amethyst into your everyday fashion, you can choose to work with these stones more intentionally.

Try using a variety of freeforms, geodes and cathedrals as decorations around your home or workspace. This will naturally boost your physical environment and create an atmosphere that offers spiritual protection and allows you to feel more connected.

Amethyst is excellent for those who are interested in dream work. Place a smaller crystal under your pillow or a larger cluster next to the bed to promote lucid dreaming and increase your ability to receive spiritual messages while you sleep.

You may find that meditating with Amethyst improves your ability to enter the meditative state. It can also enhance your conscious awareness and promote your ability to process life experiences. Amethyst is truly an ideal stone for individuals who seek personal and spiritual growth.


Caring for Your Amethyst Crystals

Crystals are energetic tools with their own vibrations. Like all living and non-living things that carry a vibration, your crystals can become depleted and overburdened with the energies they pick up.

It’s important to cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly. Popular methods include:  

Amethyst Rough Pieces cleansed in Water
  • Cleansing your crystal with sage
  • Charging them under the full moon
  • Burying them in the Earth
  • Pouring fresh water over your crystals
  • Utilizing other purifying crystals

There are many other methods for cleansing and recharging, but regardless of which method you choose, it’s important to maintain a clear intention.


Using Amethyst with Other Crystals

Amethyst naturally pairs well with many crystals to work with a variety of intentions.

For powerful protection against negative energy, try pairing Amethyst Amethyst Hedgehog ad other crystals with Moldavite, which will not only keep you surrounded by a shield of light, but also raise your vibration to a level that simply will not resonate with lower energies. 

If you’ve been having a rough go of life lately, Amethyst and Rose Quartz paired together can help you release depressive energy while simultaneously promoting self-love. Alternatively, working with these crystals together can help you with certain relationship struggles as well.

If your purpose is to tap into intuitive abilities or psychic skills, using Amethyst alongside Green Aventurine can help you feel more confident and assured in your spiritual connection. As you use the Amethyst to help you strengthen your intuition, Green Aventurine can help you power through, even when it feels like you’re getting nowhere.


Amethyst and the Zodiacs

Did you know that your astrology sign can help you determine which crystals may benefit you? There are a number of reasons why certain zodiac signs may benefit from using Amethyst stones. Try working with Amethyst if you have any of the following zodiac signs in your chart:

Amethyst Freeform
  • Virgo
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

As a Virgo, using this stone may help you become more self-aware so you can begin to notice how perfectionism impacts you. In a sense, it can help shield you from your own energy-draining tendencies.

If you’re a Sagittarius who naturally craves freedom, Amethyst can help you connect with higher energies and frequencies so that you may begin to explore the boundless freedom that comes with having a connection to the higher self.

Capricorns are highly intellectual, serious, and like Virgos, they tend to be hard on themselves. Use Amethyst to help you surrender and find guidance in higher frequencies. With help from this stone, you may find that you’re able to take things less seriously.

Are you an Aquarius? With Amethysts ability to enhance intuition and promote spiritual connection, your inherent ability to aid positive change may grow even stronger as you begin to trust yourself more fully.   

If you’re a Pisces, then inner and outer harmony are important to you. Amethyst has the ability to balance the mind, which can be helpful for achieving your highly desired sense of inner peace.


Add Amethyst to Your Collection 

Ready to bring the power of Amethyst into your life? Use Amethyst to help rid yourself of negative energy and attachments or to stimulate your mind and unblock your intuitive and psychic abilities. Wear your stones as jewelry, use them to decorate your personal spaces, or implement them as tools in your spiritual practices. The choice is up to you!

Browse Amethyst pieces here.

Is Amethyst one of your favorites too? Please let us know!

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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