11 Best Crystals for New Year Resolutions and Fresh Starts

Laura Konst

What are the best crystals for 2022?

Whether you are starting a new business, planning on working out more or quitting smoking, crystals are a powerful tool to help support you with your New Year resolutions.

If you think about it, planning, preparing and working towards your New Year resolutions is not all that different from intention setting. In the world of crystals, we call this programming and is what is needed to manifest your thoughts into reality.

Here are some of the best crystals for new beginnings  that you will want to keep close to you as we enter this new year.


How to set an intention with your crystals

Holding crystals to set intensions

First, it is important to understand how crystals work, what is intention setting and how it can help transform your life. For this, head over to our crystal healing 101 guide, for all you need to know to get started. Next, you will want to do a bit of research to find the best crystals to support your goal. In addition to the options we have listed before, you can browse one of our many lists like the best crystals for self love, the best crystals for confidence and the best crystals for stress and anxiety.

To set an intention for your crystal, you will want to be clear on how it is you want it to help you. Try to create a clear picture that is easy to keep in your head and easy to visualise. It helps to either write down your intentions or to say them out loud while holding them in your hand. Lastly, try to speak in the present tense and avoid negatives. Remember, this mantra holds the power to take you from ‘wishing’ to ‘manifesting’.

Don’t forget to thank your crystal for coming into your life and expressing gratitude for the energy it brings.

Some examples of intentions for crystals that you can use are listed below:

  • I am strong, powerful and brave
    Laura Holding crystal to program it
  • I have the power and the resources to succeed in my career
  • I take care of myself and practise self-care
  • I embrace happiness in my life and seek to get rid of fears and anxiety
  • I am open to new love and new experiences
  • I will be financially independent and achieve my career goals

You can also use this sentence as a template and complete it with your intention.

“I program this crystal with the intention of _ _ _ “


The best crystals for new beginnings and New Year resolutions


Carnelian Sphere

One of the best crystals for the new year, Carnelian inspires new paths and will give you the motivation and courage you crave to step into action. Meditating and setting intentions with Carnelian transmits positive energies throughout your body and aura which will bring you back to you core self, ready to start the new beginning.



Epidote tumblestones

Epidote is like a trusted friend that is always there to lend an ear and shoulder when things seem to go sideways. It will help replenish your energy during busy times and leave you feeling recharged and refreshed. A great crystal that will aid you in moving on from past hardships and feelings of negativity.


Green Calcite

Rough green calcite

Green Calcite can help you deepen your connection to the earth element and feel more grounded and secure. A beautiful Heart Chakra stone that is ideal for Earth and Water element zodiacs. We are looking at your Virgo and Cancer! An ideal choice when you want to prioritise personal growth and development.

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Jade is also known as the “Dream Stone” for the way it helps you access new realms and assist with emotional healing. As a stone of protection and good luck, you can harness its power to find peace and security when embarking on new beginnings.



It isn’t called the “Stone of Transformation & Change” for nothing. Treasured by

Labradorite Eggs

the ancient Intuits for its magical qualities, Labradorite can release illusions and flawed perceptions that are holding you back. Labradorite is a great crystal to have around your house, it grounds your spiritual energies which boosts new and exciting energies in turn. This will help to develop your new goals and boost you to take the next steps to execute them.  


Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is sometimes found as Oro Verde Quartz or Lemon Citrine. It is a symbol of new beginnings and can enhance positive thoughts and creative thinking. If you are feeling stuck this is a great crystal to keep close to you as you set goals for the new year.


Moldavite piece


Moldavite is another well known “Stone of Transformation”. Be aware that this is a powerful crystal with strong vibrations that might be overwhelming for beginners. With Moldavite, challenging and difficult situations might arise first, before new and better options reveal themselves. 

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Moonstone is often associated with feminine energy, new beginnings and healing, all of which are great tools to help you navigate unexplored paths. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the new moon energy to charge and elevate the power of your crystal.


Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is actually a lot closer to Labradorite than actual Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone Spheres

and is known as the “Travellers Stone”. It can allow you to gain greater insight and discover new possibilities while connecting to Mother Earth and yourself. Rainbow Moonstone is a great match for the magnetic and intuitive nature of Scorpios that often seek answers to the deepest mysteries of life.

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 White Calcite

Rough white calcite

White Calcite is an excellent option if one of your new year resolutions for 2022 is to let go of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Its nurturing energy increases awareness and self-reflection so you can discover fresh possibilities you hadn’t considered.


Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite rough pieces

Another one of the best crystals for stress and anxiety, Yellow Calcite stimulates personal growth, aids in learning and wisdom and promotes enthusiasm. Working with Yellow Calcite will allow you to reach within and activate your inner power so you can forge new paths.


Final words on the best crystals for the new year

With the holiday season fast approaching, this is the perfect time for setting intentions. It is a good idea to keep these new year crystals close to you at work or in the house and incorporate them into your meditation routine. Also remember that expressing gratitude and being open to joy, love and peaceful vibrations is incredibly important as you prepare for a new chapter.

One thing is for sure, when you combine New Year resolutions with crystal intentions, the chances of you achieving your goals are even greater.

If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate crystals into your daily life read here.

Only thing left to say is remember it’s ok to not be ok! And our inbox and DMs are always open to anyone wanting someone to reach out to to discuss further.


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 Love & Light, Laura


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