Crystal Grids 101: Everything You Need to Get Started

Laura Konst

One of the great things about crystals is that there are so many ways to use them. Maybe you got your start by carrying your crystals around with you or wearing them as jewellery, and now you’re ready to progress into meditating with your crystals or to working with specially designed crystal grids.

If you think you’re ready to up-level your mineral kingdom practice by working with crystal grids, great! We’re excited for you and the expansion of your practice.

If you need a little guidance on how to get started, the good news is, we’re here to help you learn all the basics with Crystal Grids 101! What are crystal grids and what are they used for? How do you create a crystal grid? How do you know which crystals to use with which girds? The questions are endless! Study up and learn everything you need to know by reading on, crystal fans!


What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a manifestation tool that is created through a combination of

Crystal grid with amethyst, aquamarine and amazonite

crystals and Sacred Geometry. As you likely already know, crystals are natural tools that carry their own energy signatures and metaphysical properties. Crystals can be used as tools to help us embody and work with certain energies so that we may begin to cultivate those energies in our own being. Whether your goal is emotional healing, prosperity, gratitude, equanimity, Divine connection, spiritual protection, intuition, empowerment, or whatever else, there’s a crystal out there for you.

In order to build and use a crystal grid, a basic understanding of Sacred Geometry is necessary. Sacred Geometry refers to the shapes and patterns that can be found everywhere and in everything. It is believed that the shapes of Sacred Geometry are the building blocks of our Universe and for life itself. Each shape of Sacred Geometry holds its own diving meaning and vibration. When you combine the use of crystals with Sacred Geometry through crystal grids, you’re able to use the vibrations of your crystals in conjunction with the vibrations of sacred geometric shapes and patterns.


How to Use Crystal Grids

Crystal grids can be used to up-level your existing crystal practice. By combining the use of crystals with Sacred Geometry, a crystal grid can help increase your focus and amplify your intentions for manifestation, healing, embodiment, or whatever it is you’d like to achieve through your work with crystals.

Creating a crystal grid can help intensify the energy of the crystals you choose to use. That being said, it’s important to choose your crystals wisely based on your intention. Try to get your intuition involved. Consider the goals and the purpose behind the ritual you wish to perform. Then, use discernment as you select which crystals would align best with your intentions. You can choose to work with one main crystal, plus a set of one, or two, or even three additional crystals that will support your intention.

Not sure which crystals to use? Check out some of our ideas based on these sample intentions:

Need additional help? You can always consult our blog to read up on the benefits of various crystals. If you discover that you’ll need to add new or additional crystals to your collection, you can browse our catalog here.

We love using crystal chips for our grids! They are effective and cost affective to create a large variety of grids! Check our Chips out here.


How to Choose a Pattern for your Crystal Grid

Just as carefully as you choose your crystals based on your intention, you’ll want to put the same amount of care into selecting the pattern for your grid. The sacred geometric shape you choose to work with should complement or be directly related to your intention and the crystals you choose.

There are quite a few grids to choose from, and you can select a grid based on the symbols involved or the numbers involved. For instance, you may choose to work with the Flower of Life grid because it is made up of circles and therefore enhances circle energy – wholeness, unity and completion. Another reason you may choose this particular grid is because as a whole, it is known to be helpful for creating balance, facilitating new beginnings, and promoting healing. Alternatively, you may choose this grid based on the number of overlapping circles, which equals 7. Grids that are based on the number seven are complimentary to any work that involves cycles, such as a woman’s cycle, the moon cycle, or the seasons.

Other examples of grids you may choose include:

  • Infinite Hexagram – for balance, transformation, and support through
    Sun burst grid with Selenite and Calcite
    difficult times
  • Triple Spiral – for managing transitions, creating harmony, and moving with the natural flow
  • Metatron’s Cube – for spiritual growth and connection to your higher self
  • Sunburst – for working with the Chakras, sending energy over long distances, and auric cleansing
  • Merkaba – for energy protection, Chakra balancing, improved meditation, and spiritual growth

You may also wish to keep your practice simple, using only the basic shapes of sacred geometry, such as the triangle for fertility and/or elevating consciousness, the circle for connection, the spiral for manifestation and balance, or the pentagram for working with the 5 elements.


Building Your Crystal Grid

Building and working with crystal grids involves arranging several crystals in specific patterns using the shapes of Sacred Geometry to amplify your intentions.

Once you’ve determined your intention, selected your crystals, and chosen your 

Circle Grid with Lapis Lazuli and Angel Aura

pattern, you’ll need to place your stones in the precise, geometric configuration to establish the appropriate flow of energy for your intention. You may find it helpful to print out your chosen pattern as a guide to help you align your crystals properly.

Start with one central stone, then, arrange another set (or two, or three) of complimentary crystals around the central stone, following the shape of your chosen pattern. Keep your intentions in mind as you mindfully lay out the grid. If you’d like, you can create a ring of Clear Quartz around your crystal grid to enhance its energy even further.

To activate your grid, you’ll want to use a special tool such as a wooden stick or a Selenite wand. Use your chosen tool to “connect the dots,” drawing invisible lines from one crystal to the next. As you do, continue to focus on your intention.

Once your grid is complete, spend a few moments observing the grid with your intention in mind. If you’d like you can use visualization techniques to further stimulate your intention. Once you are through, you can leave your grid intact and place it on an altar to keep the energy going.


Make Crystal Grids a Part of Your Regular Practice

Now that you’ve learned the basics of working with crystal grids, you can get started with your own practice. Adding this powerful manifestation practice to your life can enhance you intentions and increase your ability to achieve your desired results.

As we mentioned, you’ll want to start by choosing your intention, then building your crystal collection based on what you need, and finally, finding a grid that pairs well with your chosen intention and crystals.

Happy manifesting, friends!

Only thing left to say is remember our inbox and DMs are always open to anyone wanting someone to reach out to to discuss further.

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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