The Best Crystals for your Bedside and Restful Sleep

For some people, sleep comes as easy as breathing, but for many others, getting some shuteye is both stressful and challenging.

As we get older, our sleep schedules tend to change and we are faced with more responsibilities, stress and distractions (ahem, looking at your smartphones and electronics). These all make restful sleep an unlikely reality.

Getting a full 8 hours of sleep during the night is not just great for getting rid of dark circles. It is an important bodily function that keeps the brain and body healthy.

From cutting down on caffeine to exercising regularly, there are plenty of lifestyle changes that can make a difference when it comes to the quality of your sleep - including sleeping crystals! 

Mother Earth has generously provided us with healing stones and crystals that allow us to reach deeper states of relaxation and wake up feeling refreshed.

Here are some of the best crystals to keep by your bedside for restful sleep nights and peaceful dreams.

Best Crystals For Sleep


The almighty Amethyst is a favourite for meditation work and jewellery but what 

Amethyst ring

you probably didn't know, is that it carries one of the most soothing and nurturing energies. The deep purple colour is linked to spiritual awareness and vibrates strongly with your Third Eye and Crown Chakra, guarding you against negativity and settling your mind.


If you are a crystal lover, you know Selenite is a unique and powerful stone that

Selenite moon

requires no cleansing. It belongs to a category of healing crystals that can cleanse themselves on their own as well as other stones. Selenite has powerful vibrations that remove negative energies from your environment and is often used during meditation to promote clear thinking and self-awareness. A large piece in your bedroom or near the bedside table will do wonders for keeping stress and anxiety away while you drift off into peaceful slumber.


Howlite is a great stone to use when dealing with stress and anxiety and is 

Howlite towers

found in a range of colours. Originally a milky white with brown or black spots running throughout its surface, Howlite is sometimes dyed blue and vibrates strongly to the Throat and Crown Chakras. Howlite promotes patience and self-expression, keeps you focused and energized to achieve new goals and will settle an overactive mind so you can achieve a night of deep and restful sleep.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a preferred choice for those struggling with their 

Blue lace agate tumbles

communication and expressing their thoughts and emotions as it is closely linked to the Throat Chakra. It is also an excellent sleep crystal, however, because it promotes the positive flow of energy and relieves negative thoughts that might be keeping you up. If you are feeling stuck on certain thoughts, and struggle to stay in the present, Blue Lace Agate will be there to support you.


Lepidolite is known as a "Peace and Transition" crystal, known for its balancing 

Lepidolite sphere

vibrations and harmonizing aura. Lepidolite is a lithium-  bearing mineral, frequently used substance in medicine used to treat depressive and manic episodes, and has been known to fight against nightmares and sleep disturbances. Its beautiful pinkish-purple colours work on your Heart Chakra and rest your mind and soul so that you can get to sleep faster.


A spiritual stone, with a less than subtle name, the "Stone of Angels"  promotes

Angelite towers

inner peace and feelings of calm, both vital for a good night's sleep. Angelite can support through periods of heavy emotional pain, like grief and loss and calm the anger and frustration as you connect with higher powers and seek their spiritual healing.


Ιt will come as no surprise, that the Moonstone crystal, vibrates strongly with the

Moonstone tumbles

power of the moon and is particularly adept at providing you with gentle and nurturing energies that support sleep. For women, in particular, Moonstone is a favourite crystal, linked to the power of the Divine Feminine and providing emotional support during pregnancy, fertility and menopause. It was also used as a sleeping stone in ancient years and will reduce emotional stress and overactive minds so you can drift into sleep peacefully. Moonstone comes in a range of colours, from white to yellow, and reddish-brown but it is their glow that determines the value and power of the vibrations.

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Celestite is another stone that is linked to the spiritual and angelic realm and

Celestite wands

was named so due to its "heavenly" connection. It is a soft and nurturing stone with a gentle energy that is suitable for everyone and can be great for beginners that might be more sensitive to vibrations from other crystals. When you keep  it next to your bed or under your pillow, it will absorb stress and negative and leave you emotionally balanced and connected to your guardian angels.

Rose Quartz

Just in case you needed one more reason to love Rose Quartz, this loving and

Rose quartz sphere

tender gem is great for insomnia sufferers and preventing nightmares. The Rose Quartz vibrates love, self-acceptance and positivity through your Heart Chakra and will release emotional pain or unresolved emotions that are keeping you from relaxing and infiltrating your dreams with negative thoughts.

How to use sleep crystals and things to keep in mind?

Placement: Crystals work by amplifying or cleansing negative energy that is present in your body or environment. If you are particularly sensitive to vibrations or a light sleeper, you may want to experiment with their placement within your bedroom. Some crystals might feel overwhelming while under your pillow, so you can instead place them in your bed stand or somewhere within the bedroom.

Size: Similar to placement, the size of the crystal can affect the intensity of the vibrations. It is best to start with a smaller piece of stone or crystal and track changes in your sleeping patterns before jumping straight in for a huge Quartz cluster.

Type of crystal: While all of the above crystals promote restful sleep and relieve anxiety, some might be better suited for you than others. Crystals are nature's gift that provides us with what we need most at different times of our lives. Some times, we may need a grounding crystal to keep us centred while others require the loving touch of a Rose Quartz or Moonstone.

If you are not sure about which crystal is best suited to you, feel free to 

reach out to us and we can help you in making a conscious choice about the best-suited crystals.

All our crystals are cleansed with sage and bathed in Moonlight before they make their journey to you.

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