The 7 Best Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals

Throat Chakra Symbol

There are seven energy centres in our bodies called chakras, that receive, and send energy flow. The fifth energy centre, known as the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha is located at the base of the throat and neck and is primarily linked to self-expression and communication. You will often find the Throat Chakra symbolized by a lotus crescent-shaped flower with sixteen petals.

As the first of the upper chakras, the Throat Chakra governs the mouth, tongue and throat and all lower Chakra imbalances must be in order before you begin working on it.

Chakra imbalances are quite common and disturb the powerful vibrations of energy flowing through your body. This Chakra is mostly associated with the colour blue which is also thought of as the colour of harmony, peace and stability.

Healing stones and crystals offer one of the best ways to unblock your chakras and have been used for centuries from healers and sages as vehicles of vibrational energy.

In this article, we will talk more about the Throat Chakra, how you can unblock it and what healing crystals are best for you. Due to the colour associations, most Throat Chakra stones are in various shades of blue.

Tree trunk with on top our wooden throat chakra symbol and Purple Quartz Geode

Why work on your Throat Chakra?

The Seven Chakras are energy centres on our body where the flow of energy is deep and connected to specific functions and emotional or physical qualities. This energy can be blocked or out of balance due to a variety of everyday causes, especially stress and negative emotions. You may also wish to guard against negative energy affecting you in your daily life by incorporating Throat Chakra crystals around your home or in your daily meditation practice.

As the centre for communication and expression, your Throat Chakra should be open and purified to reach enlightenment and allow you to speak your truth with no fear or hesitation.

In addition to crystal work, you may practice yoga, Reiki, meditation, practice daily affirmations and avoid negative sources of energy to achieve inner balance while on your journey of self-reflection and actualization.


What does a blocked Throat Chakra feel like?

A blocked Chakra can manifest in a variety of ways, both physical and emotional. The longer they remain blocked, the more negative energy and stress accumulates around that area and becomes evident in the way you express your emotions.

The symptoms of a blocked Throat Chakra influence the way you can communicate and express your thoughts and feelings. Vishuddhas is also linked to the Sacral Chakra (centre of creativity) which is why it may also affect your creativity.

Due to its location, common alignments are linked to your throat, mouth, and ears and may influence your thyroid, or cause earaches and headaches.

Some common physical and emotional symptoms with a blocked Throat Chakra

  • No creativity
  • Dishonesty and infidelity
  • Headaches
  • Lack of confidence when speaking
  • Mouth sores and ulcers
  • Social Anxiety
  • Inability to keep secrets
  • Verbal aggression

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Best Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals

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Throat Chakra set

Blue Lace Agate 

A stunning pale blue and creamy stone that will instantly soothe and relax you 

Blue Lace Agate tumblestones

from the moment you hold it in your hands. Blue Lace Agate is considered one of the most powerful stones linked to your Throat Chakra that radiates positive and angelic energy that will give you the strength to speak your mind. A great crystal to have if you are a public speaker or before having an important discussion at work or home.



Sodalite is the stone of harmony and truth, that allows us to express ourselves 

Sodalite Tumblestones

fully and communicate easily during stressful situations. With its blue-grey and purple colour, Sodalite is also linked to the Third Eye Chakra and aids in mental clarity so you can perceive everything around you more clearly.


Preseli Bluestone

Another excellent choice for Throat Chakra work, the Preseli Bluestone comes 

Presili Bluestone

in a variety of shades ranging from grey-blue to black green and often has small white veins running through it. Its strong and anchoring vibration is closely linked to the Throat Chakra and allows you to find the courage and willpower to face difficulties in your life and control your emotions. When used with other Throat Chakra blue stones such Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli, the truth aspect is magnified and will enable you to perceive when others are not being genuine with you.



A stone that has been in use since ancient times that is becoming harder to 

Rough Turquenite

source in its original form and can come in a variety of colours. Blue Turquenite requires the presence of copper and has strong vibrational energies that are associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. Turquenite will give you the ability to speak with forthrightness and courage. It is also known as the stone of self-acceptance and forgiveness and will lift your mood and release any negative emotions so you can feel confident to speak in public or communicate effectively with others.


Blue Howlite

Often mistaken for Turquoise, Blue Howlite comes in a variety of deep blue 

Blue howlite tumbles

hues and has a peaceful and calming influence on your mind. This is especially beneficial for those battling insomnia or anxiety and it can help ease tensions and headaches so you feel more relaxed. A wonderful stone to use as protection from emotional turmoil that has a strong association to the Throat Chakra and encourages clear communication. 


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has been known as the stone of visionaries, dreamers and 

Lapis lazuli tumbles

creatives. The striking blue colour with waves of purple, gold and silver make for an enchanting and magical stone to hold and to practice with. Mostly associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, Lapis Lazuli will open up your mind to new possibilities, whether you are looking for a connection between the physical and spiritual world in the path to enlightenment or better communication in your everyday life.



With one of the most powerful and strong associations to the Throat Chakra, 

Aquamarine tumbles

Aquamarine comes in a variety of pale blue and turquoise colours. As you can probably guess, the name comes from "water" and so its energy flows undisturbed through your chakras, searching for new pathways and ways of seeing and perceiving. This doesn't mean that it is a "flighty" stone though. With Aquamarine on your side, you will be flexible but present during conversations and have the courage and strength to express yourself in the way that is most suitable. Instead of overthinking, you will be tolerant of new ideas and dispel any previously held fears that were holding you back.


Tips for Using Chakra Stones for Healing

Healing stone and crystals can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Try to learn more about each stone specifically and work with each one individually to sense their energy
  • Place the stone on your Throat Chakra during meditation work. Hold it in your hands or move it around your fingers as you focus your mind on something
  • Pick your favourite stones so you can wear them as jewellery or use them around the house and close to where you sit
  • Try sleeping with one of our suggested best Throat Chakra stones under your pillow, for stress-free dreams
  • Look at ways to introduce crystals around the house, your car, or other spaces that could benefit from healing energy
  • Make sure you know how to properly cleanse your stones after using them

 As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

Love & Light, Laura


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