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Have you been expanding your knowledge of crystals lately, reading up on Sacred Geometry, and looking for ways to combine the powers of crystals and sacred geometry in your practice?

Creating your very own crystal grids is one way to go about magnifying your intentions, but did you know that purchasing crystals that come cut in the various shapes of Sacred Geometry can be a bit like taking a short cut?

Earlier in your exploration of crystals, you may have read about the various shapes crystals come in, particularly simple shapes like spheres, towers, pyramids, geodes and more. To revisit those basic shapes, check out our guide to crystal shapes and what to expect from each one. If you’re already refreshed and ready to dive even deeper, then keep reading! Today we’re talking about some of the less common and more complex crystal shapes.

Orgone Energy Devices

Orgone isn’t so much a shape as it is method for managing the energy of certain

Rose quartz Orgone

crystals. Orgone Energy is comparable to what the yogis call Prana and traditional Chinese culture refers to as Chi. It’s a life-force energy that is believed to exist in-and-around everything at all times. Orgone crystals are designed to manipulate Orgone Energy to promote healing.

Making Orgone Energy Devices involves the infusion of resin with a mixture of quartz crystals and metal shavings. These devices can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the intention behind the device. Although the intention behind all Orgone Energy Crystals is about shifting negative energy to positive energy, the shapes you choose and how you use these stones can play a role in what sort of energy is shifted. Like all crystals, you can use your Orgone Energy Devices in meditation, for manifestation, as decoration, under your pillow at night, or however you prefer.

Since Orgone Energy Crystals are man-made, it’s important to choose a trustworthy retailer when purchasing them. Poorly made Orgone Crystals won’t have the same powerful effect as those that are made more skillfully.

Merkabah Crystals

Merkabah shaped crystals look a little bit like two pyramids put together – one pointing upward, the other pointing downward. The result is a 3-dimensional star-like shape, similar to the star that is commonly seen within Jewish Religion. This shape is highly effective at helping its users connect with the Higher Self, and establish higher states of consciousness.

Use Merkabah shaped crystals in your meditation or Reiki practice, and when exploring alternate realms or planes of consciousness. Commune with the divine, seek spiritual protection, and work on rising to meet your full potential. This shape pairs well with crystals that facilitate divine connection, spiritual protection, and higher consciousness, such as Amethyst, Obsidian, and Clear Quartz.

Crystal Skulls

Have you ever seen a crystal skull before? These are crystals that have been cut, carved, and polished to resemble the shape of a human skull. Skull shaped crystals have been used for their protective abilities for more than 2000 years, and although some may associate these specially carved stones with “dark magic” or the occult, this simply isn’t true.

Many mineral kingdom practitioners use crystal skulls to protect against

Crystal Skull

negative energy, create an energetic barrier around their auras, dissipate their dark emotions, and prevent the negative emotions of other people from attaching to their own emotional bodies. You can also use your crystal skulls to activate the Crown Chakra and work with psychic abilities. Skulls are ideal for doing shadow work, and pulling hidden emotions to the surface so that they can be released. You may find that you like to use crystal skulls as unique decorations around your home or office, and doing so offers the added benefit of protecting your energy while occupying these spaces.

Consider pairing this shape with crystals that offer similar benefits. Skulls work especially well with protective stones like amethyst and obsidian. 

Selenite Plates

Selenite is a unique stone with the special ability to clear and charge other crystals. Selenite plates are special trays made from Selenite crystals that are

Moon Phases Selenite Plate

designed for this exact purpose. To cleanse and charge your stones, simply place them on your Selenite plate. You can choose to leave them there overnight, or perform a quick ritual with a specific intention in mind.

Selenite also has the ability to magnify and amplify the energy of anything that is placed upon it. That means you can also use your Selenite plate to strengthen your intention when working with crystals. These plates come in a variety of shapes such as rectangles, circles, triangles, hexagons, bowls, and so on. Working with a particular shape has the same effect of working with a grid. When adding a Selenite plate to your collection with the intention of amplifying the effects of your crystals, be sure to choose a shape that works with the energy you’re calling in.

Platonic Solids

A Platonic Solid refers to some of the three-dimensional shapes we often see in Sacred Geometry. These shapes are characterized by having equivalent sides, angles, and faces, such as Cubes, Pyramids, and Octahedrons.

Platonic Solids Crystals

Crystals that are carved into the shapes of specific Platonic Solids give you the opportunity to work with both the crystal’s energy and the energy associated with the Platonic Solid you’ve chosen. For example, a Rose Quartz Pyramid will offer its users the emotional healing and Heart Chakra activating benefits of Rose Quarts, plus the balancing and stabilizing energies provided by the Pyramid Shape.

Crystal Flames

In the world of crystals, the flame shape represents the element of fire. Working with the fire element can promote transformation, inspire creativity, provoke

Agate Flames

personal empowerment, and so much more. The fire element is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and working with this energy can help to stimulate your solar plexus.

Need to give your Solar Plexus a powerful boost? Choosing crystals that offer similar benefits, and purchasing them in a flame shaped variations can pack a powerful punch! Consider stones like Citrine, Yellow Aventurine, Agate, and Sunstone. Or, work on igniting your creativity by adding a flame shaped Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, or Garnet to your collection. You may choose to meditate with these stones, use them as decorations in your home and office, or use them as the centre piece for a crystal grid.

Freeform Crystals

Although often polished and carved to show off their natural beauty, Freeform

Pink amethyst freeform on stand

Crystals tend to be irregularly shaped. Depending on their size, these crystals can work well as natural decorations for your home, or as stones you can easily carry around with you in your everyday life. Without a specific shape, these crystals may not offer any added or amplified benefits on their own, but will still work well in meditation, manifestation, grid work and everyday use.

Rough Crystals

Crystals that come in raw and natural forms are the most basic. While some may have natural shapes that resemble their inner anatomic structures, which can take the form of certain Sacred Geometric patterns, most will be irregular or unusual, rough and at times awkward, with some level of natural imperfection.

Some believe that these naturally shaped, untreated stones are more potent

Rough amethyst pieces

than those that have been polished and cut into various shapes and sizes. Whether this is true or not, Rough Crystals are much more aligned with nature and therefore offer an extra dose of grounding, and can promote earthy energies in the spaces where they are kept. These crystals are also excellent tools for anyone who is working through issues with perfectionism, self-acceptance, and natural beauty.

If you are someone who needs more grounding in your life, or, if you’re interested in working with Earth energy, then you may benefit from adding a few Rough Crystals to your collection.

Choosing the Shapes that are Right for You

There’s no right or wrong way to choose the shapes of your crystals. You may choose different shapes for different crystals depending on your personal needs, or even just based on what you like and find attractive.

Differing shapes have the ability to offer new energies and benefits into your crystal practice, which is great. However, the important thing to remember is that every crystal has its own properties, uses, and benefits. While selecting specific shapes may amplify your intentions, having the wrong shapes for the wrong intentions won’t hurt you or your practice. 

Ready to add some new shapes to your collection? Browse our crystal selections here.

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