Best Healing Crystals for Capricorn - Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac sign

The Capricorn sign is known for being practical, ambitious and success-driven. Their approach to life is often characterized by structure, responsibility and efficiency and this maturity manifests from a young age. As a winter sign, Capricorns represent the motivation that the New Year brings in the form of plans, goals as well as the desire to be surrounded by people you love and the importance of family. At the same time, the contemplative and grim side of the goat is also linked to the winter blues. Just like the austere and icy landscape, Capricorns are often perceived as cold and distant. They find it hard to open up to people so their friend group is small but solid. 

Crystal healing can support Capricorns and allow their best qualities and strengths to shine through. Here are some of the best crystals for Capricorn zodiac signs that can help you on your journey. 


Characteristics of Capricorn - Strengths and Weaknesses  

Date Duration:  December 22nd - January 19th  

Earth element sign

Symbol: Goat 

Element: Earth 

Modality: Cardinal 

Planetary Ruler: Saturn 

As an Earth sign, Capricorn possesses a grounding energy and prefers stability, patience and perseverance. These signs are thoughtful and reflective, aware of their limitations but always working hard to achieve their goals in a logical and structured manner. 

Cardinal signs, such as Capricorn, are often on the traditional and more conservative spectrum of the zodiac. When imbalanced, this energy can create a rigid and inflexible need to do what society considers to be "right" rather than listening to their intuition. The need for discipline and structure of a Capricorn is unmatched in the zodiac, even by fellow Earth sign and perfectionist Virgo. 

It is no surprise that Capricorn's ruling planet, Saturn, represents obligation, commitment and the restrictions that we face when going through life - hardly a carefree planet. This can also create unnecessary stress and is responsible for the gloomy nature of most Capricorns when self-doubt creeps in. At times like this, close friends and family can ease the tension and help Caps express their feelings instead of bottling them up as they usually do. 

However, Saturn does bring blessings as well in the form of delayed gratification, reminding us that good things are worth waiting for. A fair judge that rewards perseverance and hard work. 

Top Picks for Capricorn Crystals 

MalachiteMalachite slabs

LepidoliteLepidolite Tower

Aura Zebra JasperAura Zebra Jasper tower

What is the Capricorn Birthstone? 

Ruby in Zoisite can assist in letting go of self-doubt and fears and brings compassion and understanding to Capricorns who always want to be in control. 

Garnet tumbles

Another traditional January birthstone is Garnet. This crystal is associated with spiritual protection, commitment and devotion. Garnet is a perfect match for Aquarius energy. 

Other birthstone options for Capricorns are Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Blue Topaz and Lapis Lazuli. 


Best Healing Crystals for Capricorn 


Shungite palmstones

An Earth element stone, Shungite has been used extensively for its purifying properties. Its name comes from the village of Shunga in Russia where it was first discovered. For the Capricorn who is prone to stress and anxiety, this stone can help calm your nerves and provide mental clarity so you can make decisions easier. 


Pictured Jasper 

A colourful yellow and brown stone, this healing crystal has a powerful 

Pictured jasper tumbles

connection to the Root Chakra, grounding your energy so you can reconnect to the earth. As a stone of awareness and creativity, Pictured Jasper provides the discipline and determination that Capricorns enjoy to go after their dreams and achieve their goals. Plus, Pictured Jasper can boost creativity and provide a release from negative energy around your space. 


Blue Tiger’s Eye 

Blue tigers eye towers

Blue Tiger’s Eye exudes warm and balancing energy and is perfect for the Capricorn sign. As a Throat Chakra stone, this healing crystal emanates power and strengthens your self-esteem and voice so you can lead with confidence and authority. Blue Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal for personal growth, and manifesting luck and abundance into your life. 


Flower Agate 

Flower agate towers

People under the Capricorn zodiac often find it hard to let go and forgive due to their rigid and stubborn nature. Flower Agate is a powerful healing stone that helps Capricorns find peace and harmony in their relationships and opens the Heart Chakra to receive more loving energy. Flower Agate is also a great crystal when dealing with fertility issues. 


Clear Quartz 

Clear quartz points

Capricorns have a tendency to succumb to anxiety, depression and self-pity when things go wrong that can bring up unresolved issues of self-doubt. Clear Quartz is considered the master healer of crystals and is one of the best amplifiers used for manifestation work. All you need to do is set clear intentions and trust your intuition to guide you towards the direction you need to take. 


Autumn Jasper 

Autumn jasper tumbles

Similar to Capricorn, Autumn Jasper is associated with the Earth element, which  provides grounding and security to those working with it. This healing crystal inspires tranquility, protection of your personal space and wholeness. It also balances the emotional state of stressed Capricorns and reinstates the flow of energy through the body so you can be open to the perspective and feelings of others. 


Tourmaline in Quartz 

Capricorns tend to repress their emotions and prefer to act as though they have 

Tourmaline in quartz tumbles

everything under control. A Root and Crown Chakra stone, Tourmaline in Quartz brings together the energies of Black Tourmaline and Quartz. Similar to Shungite, Black Tourmaline has the ability to purify and dissolve negative energy, while Quartz regulates emotions and realigns the chakras. This healing crystal regulates emotions that stand in the way of your happiness and inspires confidence and spiritual healing. 


Red Tiger’s Eye 

Capricorns are known as one of the most practical and mature signs but that 

Red tigers eye spheres

doesn’t mean they can’t be judgmental. Their high standards can trigger bouts of anxiety and pessimism which manifests into a critical outlook on others and themselves. Red Tiger’s Eye is especially attuned to Capricorn energy and provides the grounding you require to feel secure in your surroundings. With its fiery red colour, it discourages pessimism and procrastination and soothes anger and resentment. 


Bumble Bee Jasper 

This vibrant, bright coloured yellow stone is a wonderful healing crystal that 

Bumblebee jasper towers

encourages playfulness and joy. Extremely rare and hard to source, Bumblebee Jasper vibrates to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra and can revive your enthusiasm and excitement in what life has to offer. As a stone of power and emotional control, this crystal can soothe Capricorn’s irrational fears that accompany their high expectations on life. This crystal should be kept away from pets and children. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling! 


Want a Capricorn crystal set? 

If you wish to make use of the combined benefits of these crystals, you can 

Capricorn set

browse our bundle of Capricorn crystals. This 7-piece set will make the perfect gift for the Capricorn in your life and can be used during meditation to align your chakras and spread loving vibes. Let the energies of Shungite, Clear Quartz, Pictured Jasper, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Ruby in Zoisite, Autumn Jasper, Tourmaline in Quartz bring peace and joy to your life with this wonderful crystal collection. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for free crystal advice! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz 
  Love & Light, Laura

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