Best Healing Crystals for Cancer - Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac and considered to be one of the most sensitive and loving signs there is. Cancerians make excellent life partners and often seek out long-term partnerships whether it is at work, with a friend group or in their romantic lives. With the help of these healing crystals and gemstones, Cancer sun signs can enhance their strengths and build up on their weaknesses. 

Characteristics of Cancer - Strengths and Weaknesses  

Date Duration: June 21st - June 22nd 

Water element sign

Symbol: Crab 

Element: Water 

Modality: Cardinal 

Planetary Ruler: Moon 

This zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon where the centre of our emotional balance and connections is found. When the Moon is in Cancer all the signs are affected. The sensation is often accompanied with a desire to find peace and security within your relationships. The Moon placement makes Cancers incredibly warm and empathetic individuals with the ability to sense when something is off. As a cardinal sign, Cancers are constantly moving on to new projects and ideas and want to feel secure and in control of their environments to proceed. This is also why Cancers tend to appear outgoing and can be very social. The dynamic aspect of their personality allows them to engage with various people and establish connections in the most unlikely of places. The symbol of Cancer is the Crab, with the sideways “69” being the representation of the claws. The main personality traits associated with this zodiac are femininity, moodiness, sensitivity, home building and creativity. Some of the less positive traits are secrecy, possessiveness and frequent mood shifts. 

Top Picks for Cancer Crystals 

Ruby Tumblestones

Ruby tumblestones


Ruby in Zoisite Tumblestones

Ruby in Zoisite tumblestones

Ruby in Matrix Eggs

Ruby in Matrix Eggs

What is the Cancer Birthstone? 

The traditional birthstone for Cancer is the Ruby followed by Carnelian as an 

Carnelian sphere

alternative option. Other options that resonate with Cancer are Moonstone, Sapphire and Emerald. 

Similar to the Cancer zodiac sign, Emerald is associated with the Moon, femininity and mental clarity. This beautiful green coloured stone has been treasured since ancient years and can also help Cancers strengthen the family bond and feel more secure. 


Best Healing Crystals for Cancer 

Red Jasper

An incredible grounding stone, Red Jasper offers Cancerians the gentle and 

Red Jasper Towers

nurturing security they require. A Fire element stone that vibrates to the Sacral and Root Chakras, Red Jasper is great for balancing your aura and reducing stress. This is also a great stone for children that are struggling at school and can offer a boost of confidence. 


Shungite is a Root Chakra stone with strong grounding properties that will 

Shungite tumblestones

centre your physical and emotional body and provide stability. This crystal is known for its powerful detox properties and has been used to purify water in Russia for hundreds of years. You may also want to place Shungite near your electronics to protect against EMF. 

*Learn more on crystals to protect against EMF


Angel Aura 

Just like Cancer zodiac signs, Angel Aura is attuned to the power and energies 

Angel Aura Towers

of the Moon. The extremely high vibrational energies of this stone make it a great option for those that are just starting out and are less attuned to crystal vibrations. Angel Aura invites joy and enthusiasm back into your life and clears away heavy thoughts that are holding you back. 



The sensitive side of Cancer zodiac signs can often create insecurities and 

Iolite with sunstone tumbles

prevent them from speaking their mind. This Water element stone is a great option for Cancerians and helps them tackle difficult emotions and empathize with how you are feeling in that moment. Just like you, Iolite crystals need gentle vibes. Keep it stored away from other stones that could scratch it. 



Carnelian is a July birthstone and great choice for Cancer zodiac signs that 

Carnelian tumblestones

helps to bring out their playful side and letting go of fears that lead to anxiety. By working with Carnelian, Cancerians can establish boundaries in their professional and personal life, something that they often struggle with. This is a lovely stone to have near you when feeling stressed and need to regain confidence in yourself. 

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The Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer and symbolizes the true self, 

Black Moonstone tumbles

enlightenment and the power of transformation just like this beautiful crystal. Moonstone helps Cancerians lean into their soft side and just go with the flow. This is also a great crystal to use if you are suffering from insomnia by keeping it near your bed.

Zebra Agate 

Zebra Agate helps Cancerians release their pessimism and negative energy that

Zebra Agate Tumblestones

can be dragging them down, allowing them to feel confident and emotionally balanced. With the energy from Zebra Agate, they can feel grounded and concentrate on achieving their goals in life. This is a great Root and Sacral Chakra crystal that is a great match to the Cancer sun sign. 

Pink Moonstone 

This beautiful Heart Chakra stone is a perfect match for this zodiac sign. 

Pink Moonstone tumbles

Cancerians are often considered the Mothers of the zodiac sign. As is evident by their nurturing and loving vibes, they just want to be loved and support their friends and family. Pink Moonstone is associated with the power of the Divine Feminine. It can support you when you embark on a spiritual journey and help you navigate life. 

Ocean Jasper 

Ocean Jasper is greatly attuned to the Water element that resonates with the 

Ocean Jasper Tumblestones

water sign of Cancer. At the same time, the volcanic rock creates a combination of softness and power creating an infusion of energy. It is a great stone for emotional balance and can help Cancers shed their co-dependent nature and explore their space on their own. This crystal can be quite rare to find. If you find a piece of Ocean Jasper that speaks to you, make sure to keep it close! 

Want a Cancer crystal set? 

Want to experience the benefits of a Cancer zodiac crystal set? We have 

Cancer zodiac crystal set and candle

bundled 7 carefully selected healing crystals that can support, nourish and enhance Cancer energy. This lovingly and carefully put together set includes Red Jasper, Shungite, Emerald, Carnelian, Moonstone, Pink Moonstone and Ocean Jasper. A perfect gift for yourself or that special someone in your life! 


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for free crystal advice! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz 
 Love & Light, Laura


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