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Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set

Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set

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CANCER Zodiac Crystal Set

Empathy & Support

Dates: June 21  - July 22 

This 7-piece Zodiac Crystal Set, is perfect for the sentimental and warmhearted Cancer. With their intuitive and sensitive nature, Cancers require a lot of warm and healing vibrations to enhance their energy. A great addition to your crystal collection or a thoughtful gift for a treasured friend. 

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Red Jasper - Sacral Chakra 

Red Jasper was a popular choice for decorating weaponry and was prized by tribal civilizations as a protective stone. Best kept on or near the skin, it can assist with focus, support memory and eliminate stress. 

Shungite - Root Chakra 

Mainly found in Russia, Shungite is a powerful protection and purification stone. When placed around the house it will instantly cleanse and remove toxic energy and negativity. It is also a powerful EMF shield. 

Emerald - Heart Chakra 

Emerald is the birthstone for Cancers and is strongly attuned to the Heart Chakra and everything that has to do with healthy and loving relationships. This stone will manifest abundance, gratitude and romance and ensures your emotional well being is taken care of. 

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra 

Like a fiery sunset, Carnelian shines bright with reddish and orange tones and transmits a raw powerful energy. As a Sacral Chakra stone, it is closely linked to sensuality and infinite creativity and will allow you to unleash hidden talents. Meditate with Carnelian to unblock negative energy holding you back. 

Moonstone - Crown Chakra

This is a nurturing and dreamy stone associated with the divine feminine, reproduction and transformation. Make sure to bathe your crystal in moonlight to cleanse and recharge. 

Pink Moonstone - Heart Chakra 

Another healing crystal that is a perfect match to Cancers, Pink Moonstone is considered a Heart Chakra stone and is linked to fertility, reproduction and sensuality. 

Ocean Jasper  - Solar Plexus Chakra 

Ocean Jasper is a symbol of flow, acceptance and inner strength. With this crystal by your side, you will find the confidence to trust your gut feeling and not rely on the opinion of others. 

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