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Kunzite Chips - Balancing/Protection

Kunzite Chips - Balancing/Protection

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Kunzite Chips (20 Grams)

Pronunciation: Kun-zite

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: All

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Origin: Madagascar

Grade: A-Grade

Kunzite is easily recognizable from its lavender-pink or green glassy appearance and belongs to the Spodumene variety of minerals. Due to its colour and form, it has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra and is also referred to as a woman’s stone for the way it promotes empathy, compassion and deeper understanding. It is especially good when you are facing periods of undirected uncertainty, doubt or irrational fears. Kunzite will allow you to balance and connect the heart with the soul and the mind and achieve harmony in your thoughts and actions. As a protective stone, Kunzite will protect your energy and enhance universal love, clearing away emotional blockages. At the moment, Kunzite is found in various locations, including the United States, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Myanmar. It was discovered only recently in 1902 and owes its name to its founder George Frederick Kunz. This is a great crystal to keep near your office or in the car to calm you during stressful moments and encourage a positive mindset. 

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