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Virgo Zodiac Crystal Set

Virgo Zodiac Crystal Set

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VIRGO Crystals Zodiac Sets

Intuition & Trust

Dates: August 23 - Sep 22

This 7-piece Virgo Zodiac Set has been thoughtfully selected to enhance and improve the energy of Virgos. It includes a combination of nurturing and protective vibrational stones that will bring healing, clarity and peace of mind to the individual. A great gift idea for the Virgo in your life that always goes above and beyond to be a trusted friend! 

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Carnelian - Sacral Chakra

To take care of others, you need to start with yourself. Carnelian is a Virgo’s gentle reminder to stock up on positive vibes and prioritize self-care so you can be the loyal friend and true confidante that everyone knows and loves. 

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra 

Clear Quartz brings light, joy and good health and is commonly known as the "Master Healer". A symbol of purity, wisdom and support, this crystal complements the maiden sign and promotes tranquillity and serenity. 

Mookaite - Root Chakra 

The earthy, calming tones of Mookaite provide a warm blanket of support and protection. During times of high stress, this is an excellent stone to keep nearby that will keep you focused and disciplined on your objectives without giving in to the stress. 

Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra 

The curious and detailed nature of Virgo requires deep self-reflection to interpret the truth within themselves and others. Amethyst promotes a balanced mindset and will calm the mind with its gentle energy. A great stone to keep near your bed to ward off bad dreams and insomnia. 

Tree Agate - Heart Chakra 

The perfectionist side of Virgo can often derail even the most carefully thought out plans. Tree Agate brings the focus back to the core, allowing you to ground yourself and be nourished. 

Rutilated Quartz - All Chakras

Rutilated Quartz will cleanse and balance your chakras and will help overcome past wounds. A great manifestation stone, meditating with this crystal will help you set clear goals and visualize your thoughts with some help from the universe. 

Lapis Lazuli - Throat & Third Eye Chakra 

Lapis Lazuli provides support, healing and protection from negativity. The overly critical side of Virgo can definitely benefit from this nurturing stone, that promotes compassion, empathy and understanding towards yourself and others. 

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