Crystal Picking Guide

Whether you are looking for yourself or for others, including loved ones, dear friends or someone special, we suggest taking a minute to check the quick guide below.

We have selected our crystals on specific support topics for you in our section below. From support with stress, grounding, sleep and more, our crystals are here for you.

Alternatively, zodiac signs are a great way to select the most suitable crystals, they will always resonate! Click here to go to our Zodiac section.

Crystals can help your spiritual journey and help balance/enhance or calm a particular chakra, check out our crystals per Chakra menu.

If you are still not sure what to go for then feel free to contact us here for crystal advice from CMA Certified Crystals Healers, free of charge.

If you like more information on crystals, click here for our blogs and crystal guides.

How to use the below guide:
Step 1 - Feel what you need right now
Step 2 - Which Crystal is calling to you in your selected collection?
Step 3 - Does the description meet your needs?
Step 4 - Congrats! You have found your Crystal!