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Complimentary Crystal With Every Order

Receive a free crystal with your order, intuitively chosen for you by Laura.

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  • We have 5 Stars reviews and we are a star seller on our Etsy Shop!

  • HJ - From Blackpool

    'Tali & Loz is my go-to website for crystals. I have some gorgeous pieces from them and keep investing in more! To top it all up the packaging is incredible, perfect for gifting!'

  • Marie - On Moldavite

    'WOW! Great quality, Tali and Loz packaging is so cute, with a wonderful vegan pouch and bows and just lovely packaging!'

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Laura Founder of Tali & Loz

Meet Laura Konst, Founder of Tali & Loz

'Crystals are powerful gifts from mother nature that support me throughout my entire journey'

I love sharing all my knowledge with you! Check out my informational videos on social media, my free to access blogs on my website here and join my educational live sales on Instagram!

About Us

Why Choose Tali & Loz?

- Ethically Sourced Crystals, Minerals, Gems, Meteorites and Tektites from Traceable Supply Lines

-I am a student of Gemmology as well as Crystal and Chakra Practitioner

- Free crystal advice from Laura

- Member of the International Gem Society and CMA

- Worldwide Shipping using recycled and recyclable packaging

- Free access to Tali & Loz Podcast, where we discover all types of spirituality

- Crystal blogs and guides to expand your knowledge

- Support the growth of a small business :-)

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