The 12 Best Crystals You Need At Work

The 12 Best Crystals You Need At Work

If you’re looking for crystals that will benefit you at work, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of 12 crystals that you can bring with you to work or work with at home to help improve focus, motivation, intellectual ability, memory and willpower, plus help you manage stress, emotions, high stakes, important decisions and beyond. Skim through the list below to find the right crystal for you based on what you need at work.


If you’re having a hard time at work Celestite is an excellent crystal to begin working with, as it promotes better discernment, serves as a calming visual piece in the office and acts as a reminder for mindfulness during daily living. What is it about your work that’s challenging you and is there anything you can do about it?

Celestite crystals are connected to the Third Eye Chakra and meditating with these stones can promote wisdom and higher consciousness. If you’re looking to make a change to your work life, start by using Celestite to help guide you in the right direction by connecting with your higher consciousness and inner wisdom.

Celestite Rough pieces

This way, you can make changes that are more likely to be aligned with what you truly want.

One of the great things about using your Celestite crystal for work is that it can help you recognise what you have control over. Similarly, it may help you learn to find peace with those things that you don’t have control over in your life. So if things are mostly pretty good at work, but the things you don’t have control over are getting to you, this is the crystal for you!

Blue Tigers Eye

When it’s time to buckle down and get things done at work, Blue Tiger's Eye is here to help! This crystal has the incredible ability to help activate our power

Blue Sapphire Palmstones

centre, enhance mental focus and reduce brain fog. Keep Blue Tiger’s eye in your office or workspace to reap the benefits as you power through the day.

As an added bonus, Blue Tiger’s Eye offers its user’s protection from negative or unwanted energy, plus the gift of perseverance. Meditate with your Blue Tiger’s eye crystal at the beginning of the day before work to help you get clear and focused on what needs to be done. In some cases, you may even become aware of unseen issues that may be impacting your experience at work or your ability to get things done.


Amazonite is connected to the Throat Chakra, which is the energy center that allows us to take action, speak truth and bring our creativity to life. Amazonite is one of the best crystals for work, particularly if you have a job that is related to communication, creative action or using high levels of integrity.

Amazonite Chips

Amazonite is also associated with the Heart Chakra, particularly the pieces that are more green in color. Use your crystal to help clear away fears as you become more and more grounded in your heart. If you need to tap into a little more go-with-the flow energy while at work, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a piece of Amazonite for your collection.

Blue Sapphire

Wealth, good luck and prosperity are all impacted by Blue Sapphire, making this crystal one of our top choices for benefiting you at work. Especially if you work

Blue Sapphire Rough Pieces

in a field that involves commissions or uncertain pay. The Blue Sapphire crystal can help you grow your income and attract abundance. Or if you’re hoping for a promotion, pay increase, or bonus check, working with this stone will shift the energy toward your favor.

In addition to attracting abundant wealth, good luck and prosperity, Blue Sapphire can help with decision making, ensuring you make the correct decisions, even under confusing circumstances. If your job often requires you to make important decisions, then you’ll definitely want to add Blue Sapphire to your collection.


If you work in a stressful environment, or a high stakes career that impacts you on an emotional level Dumortierite is definitely the type of crystal that will benefit you at work. This calming stone is excellent for regulating emotions and helping

Dumorturite towers

you to stay alert. As an added bonus, it may help you become more perceptive, which may come in handy when the stakes are high at work.

Use this stone to help you sharpen your intellectual skills and enhance your memory as you seek to grow in your career. Dumortierite makes an excellent companion for those who wish to go back to school or complete the degree and/or certifications needed to follow your desired career path.

Green Onyx

Green onyx offers a few crucial benefits for people at work, most notably, it’s ability to help amplify the user’s purpose. If you’re feeling a little lost in your career or like you’re ready to make a change that aligns more fully with your

Green Onyx Tea Light Holders

purpose in this lifetime, use Green Onyx to help you connect with your heart and tune into your intended purpose.

If you work in a field that requires you to be fully present, this stone may be helpful, as it aids one’s ability to bring the mind and body together in unison. Green Onyx is excellent for helping you stay tuned-in and alert.

Fancy Jasper

Known as the stone of tranquility, Fancy Jasper is another stone that can be extremely beneficial for those who work in stressful environments. Even when you have a lot going on in your life, using this stone at work will give you the ability to remain focused and improve your concentration.

Fancy Jasper Worry Stones

If you’re feeling emotional due to added stress in your everyday life, bring Fancy Jasper with you to work to help you remain calm as you see to your responsibilities. This is also a good crystal for work because it aids people in their ability to be mindful. Set your worries aside as you focus on the here and now, rather than the chaos you may be facing at home or elsewhere in your life.

Green Sardonyx

Need to add a little happiness, optimism and confidence to your attitude at work? Then Green Sardonyx is the stone for you. If you work with difficult

Green Sardonyx Worry stones

people, you may like this crystal for its ability to increase self-control and improve personal power.

Green Sardonyx offers other benefits for people at work too. If you find yourself lacking in motivation or discipline, then working with this stone or keeping it in your work environment may help shift your energy. Tap into the willpower you need to get through tough projects, less than desirable work conditions or anything else that may be making your work-life more difficult.

Red Jasper

Wondering how Red Jasper might benefit you at work? One of our favourite things about Red Jasper is its ability to reinvigorate your sense of passion. So if you have a job that you’ve lost your sense of passion for, working with Red Jasper may help. Work to improve your ability to focus on what’s important and improve your inner fortitude as you navigate the challenges that often deplete

Red Jasper various shapes


Historically, Red Jasper is known for warding off danger. If you happen to work in a dangerous or highly competitive field, then keeping Red Jasper with you at work might help. Stay safe as you work in dangerous situations, ward of bad energy sent your way from the competition and keep your eye on the prize when you use Red Jasper at work.

We highly recommend Red Jasper for individuals who work in any career that puts your life, health, or general well-being at risk.

Strawberry Quartz

Need to boost your confidence at work? Working with Strawberry Quartz AKA Red Quartz can help strengthen your sense of personal power so that you eliminate low self-esteem and create space for confidence to bloom.

Strawberry quartz aka red quartz tumbles

Strawberry quartz can help shift your mental atmosphere and improve positive thinking. For this reason it creates the ideal conditions for energetically inviting more positivity and good fortune into your life!

If your unique and authentic self is an important part of how you show up in your career or work life, or if you want to stand out, then Strawberry Quartz is the crystal for you. This stone can help you stay true to your most authentic self so that you can show up in work and life as your best self.

Yellow Aventurine

By far Yellow Aventurine is the most well rounded stone for those who are looking for a crystal that will benefit them at work. Not only does this stone

Yellow Aventurine spheres

attract prosperity, but it also helps to boost confidence and creativity, which are essential qualities to have for a healthy career.

This stone will also help improve your sense of optimism, help you stay calm in stressful situations and aid you in self reflection as you seek to improve. So, if you’re looking for a crystal that can help with a little bit of everything in your work life, then Yellow Aventurine is the stone for you.

Zebra Agate

If you have a job that requires stamina, physical energy and/or strength, then you may want to explore a few of our Zebra Agate pieces. This is the ideal stone for athletes, laborers, or anyone who works in a field that includes some sort of physical component, as it is quite effective at stimulating physical energy. 

Zebra Agate Palmstones

As an added bonus, it has mood-enhancing capabilities too!

If your highly physical job causes pain or discomfort in your body, this stone may be of even greater benefit to you. Many believe that it is essential for pain management.

Alternatively, if you’re struggling with a bout of laziness, Zebra Agate can help you cut through that lack of energy. This stone can encourage people to let go of the idea that failure is even an option. It can motivate you to take positive action towards achieving your dreams and reaching your goals. Overall it’s an excellent stone for people at work.

Start Bringing Crystals to Work

Did you find a crystal on this list that you feel drawn to? Or perhaps you identified with some of the struggles that these stones can alleviate. If needed, take some time in self-reflection to determine which stones would serve you best in your personal work environment, then browse our collections to invest in the stones that are right for you. Crystals have the amazing ability to benefit us at work and in all areas of life, but knowing what you need is the first step to getting it.

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