How to Incorporate Crystals in Your Daily Life

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There are many ways you can use crystals in your daily life. Humans have been attracted to crystals since ancient times and they are still being used for their healing purposes, to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and of course to show off wealth. But how can you use crystals in your daily life? Is there a ‘best’ way of using crystals? We have made a list that covers all your questions and our best suggestions for how you can include crystals in your daily life and get all the benefits.


Carry the crystal energies with you.

The majority of people who love to have crystals in their daily lives carry them on them. Smaller tumblestones are of course the easiest way to do so. But some crystals are great when they come in contact with the skin, such as Quartzes, Agates, and Jaspers. You can of course carry them as jewelry or, if you wear one, in your bra or top. If you have one in your bra or top for the majority of the day, we recommend cleansing the crystal after each day of wearing because your body will absorb the crystal's energy quickly.

Another way is placing the crystals in your pocket, wallet, or purse. If you are worried about energy flow through an item like a wallet, don’t be! The crystal's energy will flow completely fine, and will still have the desired effect on you. If you choose to have crystals with you, in your wallet and purse, we recommend to cleanse them every two weeks or so. Having crystals in your pocket will make the energy flow slightly faster but not as fast as skin contact. The time between each cleansing will depend on your needs. If you are going through a difficult time, for example, perhaps cleanse the crystal after a few days.   

Golden healer quartz and chrysoprase in black dish with smuding sage

Balance the energy around the house with crystals

One of our favorite ways to incorporate crystals in our daily life is to decorate the house with them! From tumblestones to clusters and rough crystals and towers, you can place them everywhere!  A whole book can be written on how and which crystal to use when and where, but as a rule of thumb we would say listen to your own needs and go from there. For example, if you are going through a time in life where you are full of energy and can go a hundred miles an hour but feel the need to have a bit of relaxation and grounding perhaps smaller stones like Cobalt Aura or tumblestones such as Red Jasper and Turquenite would be great next to your bed. But if you are severely stressed and need a lot of tranquility and grounding, try to find larger or rough pieces of those stones.

A must-have in your house is Rough Tourmaline, mainly to protect against electromagnetic energies from devices in the house and purify negativity. Simply place them around the devices you use every day, or if you don’t want to look at them you can place them behind, either way, it will help to absorb and balance out toxic energies.

Some crystals are also great to showcase in your rooms and decorate the house with. Crystals like Amethysts and Quartz Druzy and Geodes are great for balancing and reducing negative energies and give a calming atmosphere in the rooms that they are incorporated in.

Plants also benefit from having crystals around them or in their pots. Whether they need the calming energy of Brecciated Jasper after being divided or having been ill or the healing qualities Clear Quartz to grow stronger and recover faster. We have written a full article on ‘How to Use Crystals for Indoor Plants’ as well with more tips.

Our beautiful range of crystal infused oils and Crystal Candles are also a great way to disperse balancing energies into your home. 

You can use the oils in one of our oil burners, or dilute the oil for using on the skin.  

Sagittarius crystal candle

Strengthen your energies whilst meditating and exercise.

Incorporating crystals whilst meditating and exercising, whether it is yoga or running, really helps to boost the energies you need. When you are meditating with crystals, be mindful of your intention for that day and choose your crystal accordingly. There are various ways, practices and recommendations when it comes to using crystals while meditating. If you choose to sit whilst meditating, you can hold the crystals in your palms or place them around you. You can also mix together a variety of crystals, as long as they feel balanced when you hold them at the same time. If the crystal energies feel a bit too strong or vibrant it might actually bring your energy centres out of balance.

A great combination and way of meditating is using a set of carefully curated Chakra Crystals. We have launched a few excellent combinations for you in our ‘crystal sets’ so you can learn more about combining crystals and choose the right set for yourself. Another fantastic way is to lie down and place each of the crystals on the matching chakra to fully align and balance your energy centres. Of course you can choose to use one crystal or a few, as needed.

For endurance exercises such as running, weight training, HIIT sessions, you will want to carry crystals such as Labradorite and Zebra agates to boost energy, endurance, and perseverance.

Zebra Agate Tumbles


Purifying and boosting the energies in your drinking water

There are some crystals that you can use daily for their purifying and boosting energies when added in water. Shungite is one of these crystals and has been used in Russia since the 1700s to purify water. Shungite consists of 98% carbon, which is used in many water filters these days. Instead of using water filters which are mostly plastic, you can use Shungite stones to purify your water and reduce plastic waste! Shungite also has invigorating and revitalising 

Shungite Palmstones


There are other crystals that you can add in your drinking water as well to give you the energy that you need. You can also mix a variety of gems if you need a more customized blend of energised water.

It is very important that you only use ‘hard’ crystals as otherwise they can crack, crumble or even leave traces in your water. Our preference is to use polished stones such as tumblestones or palm stones instead of rough crystals, just to minimize the possibility of leaving residue.

Crystals that are safe to use in water.

Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine and White Quartz.

And also

Agates, Jaspers and Tiger Eye.

If you have a favorite crystal but you are not sure if you can use it in water, we can help. Just drop us an email or leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer all your questions and share the knowledge with the rest of the tribe!

When adding crystals to your water, please make sure that the crystals can’t  be accidentally swallowed. We like using either glass bottles with a non-plastic filter in place already or use cotton reusable ‘tea’ bags. You can also add your crystals to a big bottle and then pour the water in your glass.

Don’t forget to make sure you properly cleanse, rinse and dry the crystals regularly to avoid any unwanted organisms growing in the crystals.

Elizabeth showing how to use crystals in beauty routine

Incorporate crystals in your beauty and massage routines

The last couple of years has seen a rise in the use of crystals in skincare and crystal beauty tools. The use of hot stones and crystal massages among Hindu’s started approximately 5000 years ago and was also popular in ancient China, Greece and Egypt. But modern and western communities are now more than ever discovered the healing and relaxing properties of crystals and incorporating them in their self-care routines.

These days we see many varieties of Gua Sha stones and Jade face rollers in spa treatments and daily pampering..

We are big fans of using crystals in our beauty routine, but we also like to match it with the appropriate crystal, depending on how we feel on that particular day. You will love using palm stones to massage your cleansers, shower gel and even body lotion onto your skin. A great tip is to warm your crystals in warm water first and then go ahead and gently massage!

Check out our Youtube Channel for video's on using crystals in your beauty routine.

Photo of girl holding crystals

How to use crystals on and around kids and pets

The vibrations and energies from the crystals also affect kids and pets and can be of benefit to everyone in the house as well. In order to use crystals safely around small children and pets, we recommend gently massaging them with the stones, whilst holding the crystals yourself. Use crystals that have a kind and gentle energy, such as Rose Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, and Yellow Aventurine. And avoid strong detoxing crystals.

You can also place crystals in kids' bedrooms, of course at a safe height and out of reach of smaller children, like Clear Quartz, White Quartz, and Amethysts that are great for children’s bedrooms.


Summing Up

As you have seen there are so many ways to easily incorporate crystals in your daily life. There is no such thing as ‘the best way’, it is about your needs at different times in life and what energies you are attracted to during your day.

Please let us know how you love to use your crystals in your daily life. Have you found another way? Leave a comment down below to share and care.

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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