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Apricot Agate Tumblestones - Purifying/Refreshing

Apricot Agate Tumblestones - Purifying/Refreshing

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Apricot Agate Tumblestones

Pronunciation: A-pri-kot A-gate

Chakras: Crown and Heart

Birthstone: May

Zodiac: Gemini

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

 Apricot Agate is a truly magnificent crystal that can cleanse and purify the energy around everything it touches and allow you to feel refreshed. It vibrates strongly to the Heart and Crown Chakras of the body and supports our emotional and physical journey. This natural stone was once considered a symbol of power and prestige and according to some accounts, ancient warriors used them for weapons and talismans. Agates come in a range of colours, and this one takes its name from the pale orange and soft apricot, with soft lines of white, gold, dark grey or brown running through the surface. Apricot Agate is a powerful protective stone, ideal for children and infants and is also used to nurture the child-parent bond. To clean your Apricot Agate you can use sage, bathe in moonlight or bury it in the earth.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

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