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Aries Zodiac Crystal Set

Aries Zodiac Crystal Set

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ARIES Crystal Set

Leadership & Empowerment

Dates: March 21 - April 19

The Aries Crystal Set combines the energy vibrations of a carefully selected set of stones, ideal for the fierce and enthusiastic first sign of the zodiac. When it comes to life, decisions and romance, Aries does it with passion or not at all. This energetic, but restless nature drives their personalities to seek refreshing new ideas, people and moments. Fire signs shine bright so it is no surprise that Aries is closely linked to the Solar Plexus, where confidence, self-esteem and inner drive are located. A perfect gift set for the Aries in your life. 

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Bloodstone - Heart & Root Chakra 

Bloodstone promotes a strong sense of identity and belonging, both of which compliment the nature of Aries and bring some peace and harmony in their busy life. A powerful crystal that needs to be cleansed often to protect your aura from negative energy. 

Zebra Agate - Root & Solar Plexus Chakra  

A great crystal for the vibrant Aries, Zebra Agate provides the freedom to express your ideas and not be held back by limiting thoughts and beliefs. Balances yin & yang, male and female energies and provides a boost of creative talents. 

Mookaite- Root Chakra 

A powerful grounding stone that resonates to the Root or Base Chakra as well as the Solar Plexus. Adventurous and nurturing at the same time, this is a great stone when you need to make challenging decisions in life. 

Yellow Aventurine - Solar Plexus Chakra

The candied yellow colour of this stunning crystal is a joy to look at. A powerhouse crystal, Yellow Aventurine amplifies energy and enhances feelings of self-worth, courage and determination while promoting wealth and abundance. 

Hematite - Root Chakra 

Hematite is a dense, dark coloured stone with steel grey and reddish hues. Carrying a piece of Hematite with you will boost focus and concentration and promote feelings of optimism and self-confidence. 

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra 

When it comes to sexual instincts and romantic conquests, Aries seek a partner that can match their temperament and fiery nature. Carnelian is one of the best stones for intimacy, passion and pleasure, but balances it with warm and caring energy that is perfect for this fire sign. 

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

An all-round healer, Clear Quartz will raise your energy vibrations and enable you to take action, while keeping you calm and collected. 

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