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Blue Calcite Rough - Protection/Communication

Blue Calcite Rough - Protection/Communication

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Blue Calcite Rough Pieces

Pronunciation: Blu Kal-site

Chakras: Throat

Zodiac: Pisces

Element: Water and Air

Planet: Earth

Blue Calcite is a warm and nurturing crystal that acts as a powerful protective shield. It can help during periods of healing and recovery - a gentle but important reminder to prioritize rest and time out. The connection to the Throat Chakra where the centre of communication and clear self-expression is makes this an excellent stone for uncovering hidden emotions and putting your thoughts in order. Blue Calcite is a stone that can both enhance dream recall and create a calm and stress-free environment before bed. It removes stagnant and toxic energy and stimulates your Third Eye Chakra, putting you in touch with higher frequencies. Similar to other Calcite stones, Blue Calcite increases the flow of energy between your chakras and promotes balance in your actions and judgment. One of its many sought after qualities is its ability to enhance creative expression and dislodge writer's block.

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