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Comforting Crystal Set for Grief & Loss

Comforting Crystal Set for Grief & Loss

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Comforting Crystals for Grief and Loss

At some point in life we all experience grief and loss of some kind. There are so many crystals that will support the grieving process, we have curated this set to comfort you or your loved one for comfort and support during these times.

Crystals: Malachite, Amazonite, Epidote, Black Obsidian, Chrysoprase

Palo santo


If you're going through a rough path or have feelings of confusion, Malachite is a must have crystal that will help you heal, protect and remove negativity in your mind and body. Malachite brings a peaceful energy to yourself and to your relationships.


Providing support, clarity and clear communication Amazonite has a calming and soothing energy that will settle  stress or anxiety. This is a crystal that encourages sincerity and acceptance.


Epidote is a stone that allows us to connect to mother earth and ourselves, and brings with it peace and tranquility. Connected to the Heart Chakra, Epidote will open, align and activate the energy flow through your chakras, and allow you to mend broken relationships, move on from grief or rejection and welcome love and new relationships into your life.

Black Obsidian

It is also known as the “Stone of Truth” and has powerful metaphysical properties that aid communication with the spirit world and can reveal emotional blockages and lies that are holding you back. Black Obsidian can also help you process grief and allow you to start the healing process with more clarity.


A big promoter of positivity, joy, happiness and seeing the world in a colourful way. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or just feel low, carry Chrysoprase with you to promote self-love, positive self-perception and forgiveness towards yourself.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo has a gorgeous, warming and woody sweet scent. Cleanse your aura and environment from unwanted energies by burning this wonderful wood to spread loving and warming vibes.

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