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Darwin Glass Tektite - Grounding/Insight

Darwin Glass Tektite - Grounding/Insight

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Darwin Glass Tektite

Pronunciation: Dar-win Glass

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Third eye, Crown

Zodiac: All

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth

Found in the south of Queenstown in West Coast, Tasmania, Australia, Darwin Glass AKA Darwinite, is part of the tektite group just like Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass. The name comes from the strewn field where it was found around Mount Darwin and later give its name to the Darwin Crate which is the probable impact crate of the meteorite. The colour of Darwin Glass varies from Black to all shades of green and even white. The dark tektites could contain much more iron, chromium, nickel, cobalt and magnesium and less silica than the lighter versions. This difference is likely because of the mix of extra-terrestrial and local metamorphic rocks that occurred during the impact.

Darwin glass is a fantastic tektite for protection and connection to earth. The vibrations and workings are much more gentle than Moldavite and therefor Darwin Glass is a great tektite for everyone who wants to start collecting meteorites and tektites. Darwin Glass is connected to the lower two and upper two Chakra’s, whilst grounding and rooting this tektite will also provide you with insights, vision and connection to higher self. Use this tektite also for soothing any emotional blockages and traumas as this might bring strong feelings to the surface we recommend to combine Darwin Glass with soft and loving crystals such as Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine and Moonstone.

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