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Pisces Zodiac Crystal Set

Pisces Zodiac Crystal Set

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PISCES Crystal Zodiac Set 

Sensitive & Honest

Dates: Feb 19 - March 20

The Pisces Crystal Set is a wonderful combination of healing crystals that are strongly attuned to Pisces and will protect and enhance their energy. Pisces are kind and gentle visionaries, and have a profound connection with Higher Power and spirituality. Perfect to use for meditation and manifestation to invite warm and loving energy vibes into your life and bring joy to your heart and soul. 

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Ocean Jasper - Solar Plexus Chakra 

Just like the vast and deep mysteries of the ocean, this crystal washes away negativity and allows you to "flow" towards new goals. With a strong connection to the Solar Plexus, it symbolizes "warrior energy" and steadfast determination. 

Blue Lace Agate - Throat Chakra 

A dreamy pale blue crystal has a delicate and mystical energy that is linked to clarity, purity and spiritual awakening. As a Throat Chakra stone, Blue Lace Agate will allow you to speak your truth and express your feelings with confidence. 

Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra 

The high functioning Pisces is prone to addictions and toxic lifestyle choices. Amethyst has been used as a sobriety crystal, will purify negative energy and is a great stress reliever. 

Mookaite - Root Chakra 

A protective stone, linked to emotional growth and new beginnings that is associated with the Root Chakra and will provide much-needed grounding. This is a stone that will put you in touch with your deepest dreams and desires and allow you to process your feelings in a constructive manner. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye - Throat Chakra 

A great choice for Pisces, Blue Tiger's Eye has a soothing energy that can revitalize your energy centres and spark creativity. It will enhance your personal power and provide discipline so you can work towards your goals with a clear plan. 

Ruby in Zoisite - Crown Chakra 

Symbolizing passion, courage and perseverance, this Heart Chakra stone is an excellent companion to the selfless and sensitive Pisces that often struggle to set clear boundaries. It will heal and restore your energy and allow you to combat stress and anxiety when it comes your way without feeling overwhelmed. 

Strawberry Quartz - Root Chakra 

Also known as Red Quartz, this is a crimson coloured stone that is aligned with the energies of the Root and Sacral Chakra. If you are feeling creatively stuck or helpless, Strawberry Quartz will show you the way and restore purpose in your life. 

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