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Rose Quartz Rough - Love/Harmony

Rose Quartz Rough - Love/Harmony

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Rose Quartz Rough

Pronunciation: Row-s Q-warts

Chakras: Heart and Third Eye

Birthstone: October and January

Zodiac: Taurus and Libra

Element: Venus

Planet: Earth and Water

Origin: Madagascar

Rose Quartz, the crystal that needs no introduction. Probably the most popular crystal of all time - Rose Quartz is known as ‘the stone of universal love’. Found in many locations around the world, the best quality now comes from Brazil. Rose Quartz jewellery was first used and crafted by the Assyrians and the Romans around 800-600BC. The beautiful dusky pink stone is created when the quartz crystal absorbs minerals like manganese and titanium.

Rose Quartz has one of the strongest effects on the Heart Chakra and can release bottled up emotions that have been holding you back, promote deep inner healing and feelings of calmness and self-acceptance. It will support your emotional healing and bring a sense of harmony and love to your relationships. With its deep calming and reassuring energy, it helps to comfort you in times of grief. Rose Quartz doesn’t just benefit you but also breaks down negative energy around everyone in the area and the people you love, creating a space where loving vibes can thrive. Meditating with Rose Quartz regularly can really help to heal and balance your everyday energy, which can often bounce off to people around you. Bathe Rose Quartz crystal under the moon and sunlight to recharge or place it in a bowl of salt water for a few hours.

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