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Shiva Shell Hearts - Higher Consciousness/Wisdom

Shiva Shell Hearts - Higher Consciousness/Wisdom

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Shiva Shell Hearts

Pronunciation: Sji-va Shell

Chakras: Crown and Third Eye

Zodiac: Aries

Element: Water

Planet: Neptune

Shiva Shell AKA Pacific Cat’s Eye AKA The Eye of Shiva, is a powerful but soothing stone. In fact it isn’t actually a stone but a shell. These shells are from Operculum Snail, which can be found on the coasts of India, Thailand, and Australia and is made up of calcium carbonate. The snails itself detach from the shell at the end of its natural life and leaving the shells as they are right now. This gorgeous shell is named after the Hindu God ‘Shiva’. It was believed that the Shiva Shells were mermaids money which brought good luck to sailors and fishermen. It has a strong connection with our Third Eye Chakra for insight and intuition. Meditate with the Shiva Shell to enhance your spiritual connections with the universe and/or spirit. This shell also represents wisdom and pushes us to look and listen deeper inside in order to observe the outside better and look beyond the obvious. You can also place the shell next to your bed for softer sleep and ward off bad dreams. Combine with Amethyst for calm sleep. We recommend to combine Shiva Shells with Zeolite and Apophyllite to strengthen your spiritual abilities and strengthen the energy with the universe

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