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Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set

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TAURUS Crystal Zodiac Sign

Power & Stability

Dates: April 20  - May 21 

A lover of fine taste, food and experiences, Taurus knows how to be present in the moment and brings a calm and peaceful energy everywhere they go. Taurus has a practical and logical approach to life and likes to be emotionally self-reliant. This Taurus Crystal Set has been specifically selected to reflect these qualities and support the independent and passionate nature of the bull. 

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Carnelian - Sacral Chakra 

Carnelian is a great stone for Taurus that can help them achieve emotional awareness. Known to withdraw when faced with a difficult situation, Carnelian restores the empathetic and kind nature of Taurus and provides joy and creative expression. 

Autumn Jasper - Sacral Chakra

Autumn Jasper allows you to reconnect with nature and thrive instead of simply surviving. A protective stone with a warm and gentle energy that enhances gratitude and appreciation for life. 

Chrysoprase - Heart Chakra 

Chrysoprase is there to remind you of what you are worth and inspire you to chase your dreams. Bright green in colour with golden tones, it infuses the space with joy and positivity. Great crystal to sleep with to achieve restful dreams. 

Pyrite - Third Eye Chakra 

Known as "Fool's Gold" for its golden shine, Pyrite is linked to prosperity, success and wealth. It will help you develop an abundance mindset and manifest the life you have always wanted.

Tree Agate - Heart Chakra 

This stone features a white base, with green moss-like inclusions all around. It promotes a more profound connection to Mother Earth, deeper focus and patience. 

Lapis Lazuli - Third Eye & Throat Chakra 

The birthstone of Taurus is a great crystal to work through their stubborn qualities and provides balance and healing. Lapis Lazuli aids in clear and thoughtful communication and supports self-awareness. 

Mookaite - Root Chakra 

A great stone to help you unwind, relax and settle a busy mind. Mookaite offers protection and allows you to stay “young at heart”. Great to use during meditation to identify and release toxic patterns and thoughts. 

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