Our Affiliate Program

Fancy being an influencer and earn commission on every sale your refer?

That is possible in our Tali & Loz tribe!

How does it work?

-Sign up for our affiliate program
-You will have your own profile, shareable link and coupon codes to share with your friends and family
-Post and share our products and events on your social media channels
-Get 10% commission on every sale you refer


Can I get more than 10% and Freebies?

-After 10 sales you will receive a box with some products
-After 50 sales you can promote to the 15% tier
-We will hand pick some stars of the show which could earn up to 20%!
 Ready to join the affiliate tribe?


Click the link below, sign up and start earning!

*Please note this program is for individuals only. All requests from businesses will be automatically rejected. If your business would like to collaborate with us, please send us an email with a short initial proposal.