These Are The Best Crystals to Develop Your Intuition

Laura Konst

The number one rule when it comes to crystal healing work is simple: follow your intuition.

Crystals are energy carriers and their vibrations can clear blockages in our chakras, providing balance, grounding, love and spiritual healing when we need it the most. Learning to listen to your gut feeling, inner voice or intuition is also a great life skill in general. 

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Some crystals are better suited to manifestation and intuition work than others. With their help, you begin to trust your inner voice, visualize the life you want and pay attention to your physical and emotional changes that could mean it is time for some extra TLC. 

Here are our favourite crystals to develop your intuition and other psychic gifts: 


Best crystals for intuition 


Dumortierite is the stone of patience. When chaos ensues all around you and it

Dumortierite towers

feels like there is no path, no reason and no way to control the situation, this crystal encourages you to have courage and faith in yourself as you begin to regain control. Dumortierite is one of the lesser-known crystals and is amazing for developing psychic gifts, building willpower and reclaiming your life. 

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Known for increasing mental clarity and self-confidence, both of which are 

Fluorite Sphere

important for strengthening your intuition, this is a stone that will energize, heal and nourish. The mesmerizing colours of Fluorite have been treasured since ancient years and this crystal is found in a wide range of colours from vivid purple to blue/green and even colourless. For developing your intuition and psychic gifts, Blue Fluorite is the best option.  

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Desert Rose 

A unique looking crystal formed from Selenite clusters and Barite. Desert Rose

Desert Rose

is an excellent meditation stone that helps in times of mental confusion and uncertainty. This stone will help activate and clear your Third Eye Chakra - the centre of your intuition - and help you establish a strong sense of awareness. 

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With its rich green colour, Malachite is a stone you can’t help but notice. If you

Malachite freeform

are browsing crystals and Malachite calls to you, you can be sure you are entering a period of transformation and change in your life. Its vibrations have a warm and inviting energy that is just what you need when you are dealing with the stress and anxiety of life’s changes. Malachite has a balancing and grounding effect on your emotions so you can deal with situations that arise in a rational manner. With Malachite on your side, you will trust your intuition and feel confident in your abilities. 

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Aquamarine is well known for its healing vibrations and ability to connect with

Aquamarine tumbles

your intuition. If you are holding on to inner trauma and suppressed emotions, Aquamarine will balance your Throat Chakra, so you can improve your communication and allow you to express yourself fully. With its strong connection to the Water Element, Aquamarine washes away fears and insecurities and protects your energy from toxic vibrations. This is a highly spiritual stone used for intuition work and raising your psychic gifts. 

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Preseli Bluestone 

A powerful stone with a deep and magical aura, Preseli Bluestone is famously 

Preseli bluestone

the stone the monoliths of Stonehenge are made from. Its vibration is strongly linked to the Solar Plexus, where your centre of willpower, determination and confidence is located. This crystal will assist you in developing your intuition and connect with your past lives and ancestors. With its grounding energy, you will also feel balanced and secure and regain the strength and motivation to succeed in life. 

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This wonderful Third Eye Chakra stone has the power to enhance your intuition

Iolite Tumblestones

and expand your psychic abilities. It will assist you when you are feeling confused by steering you towards the right path and allowing you to trust your inner wisdom and knowledge. Iolite has been treasured since ancient years by psychics and is used for meditation, clairvoyance and psychic development. Placing Iolite under your pillow is a great option for peaceful dreams. 

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Lemurian Seed 

This crystal has an intense and powerful energy that is best for those with some

Lemurian seed points

experience in crystal work. Lemurian Seed takes its name from the Kingdom of Lemuria, a place that some believe existed south of India and was known for its spiritual healers and astral travelers. It is said to carry the wisdom of spiritual knowledge left behind by the Lemurians and is a master healer and energy activator. A great crystal for raising your vibrations, tapping into your intuition and connecting to your guardian angels and guides. 

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Why work on your intuition? 

For some people, the process of quietening their inner voice to tune in to their desires is part of their spiritual practice. Others choose to work with these crystals to promote clear thoughts, concentration and creativity. 

These wonderful stones have been used for thousands of years as vessels of energy force, and to provide healing and protection. They are also tools to use during meditation. While the process is simple - find a quiet place, ground yourself, and reach for the crystal that speaks to you at the moment - connecting to your intuition and listening to the answers doesn’t come easy for everyone. 

Depending on what state of mind you are in (and what you need in life) you may notice that you are drawn to different crystals each time. That’s normal! 

Make sure to read more of our guides on how to pick the right crystal, as well as how to cleanse them to recharge their energy. 

What are your favorite intuition crystals? Please let us know!

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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