Moldavite: A Lifechanging Tektite That You Need to Buy 

The Stone of Transformation

Microscope view Moldavite

Moldavite is an amazing and extremely powerful healing 'stone' that is often referred to as the Stone of Transformation. 

In recent years, it has become one of the most highly requested stones but is also quite misunderstood in the way it works. 

Read on to find out why Moldavite is considered the stone of transformation and why it is an incredible frequency amplifier.  


What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a rare Tektite that has only been found in one specific location in the world. Until a new source of Moldavite is discovered, which doesn’t seem likely any time soon, there are finite amounts available for consumers. This is one of the reasons why fake Moldavite has flooded the market and you need to be extra careful where you are shopping to get the full range of benefits from this amazing stone. 

While you will hear Moldavite being referred to as a “crystal” it is technically a “tektite”. Tektites are formed when asteroids strike the surface of the Earth but they are not meteorites. Moldavite is found in Czech Republic in Eastern Europe and is spread across a few different strewn fields. Each one of these locations contributes a different amount and type of Moldavite. 

The mysterious and unexplained origin of this tektite has contributed to its popularity and fascinated people for hundreds of years. Originally discovered in 1786 next to Moldau River, from where it takes its name, Moldavite has no doubt been around for much longer. 

There are plenty of theories surrounding its creation, and while none of them can be proven to this day, evidence suggests that it has been used since ancient years as a protective stone and fashioned into talismans. The Venus of Waldendorf is one such example, a famous figurine found in a village in Austria that dates back 25,000 years ago and was found next to pieces of Moldavite that were carved into amulets.  

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Moldavite piece

Properties of Moldavite 

  • Crazy, vivid dreams 
  • Feeling heat 
  • Sense of urgency 
  • Heightened self-awareness 
  • Uncover hidden feelings 
  • Psychic protection 
  • Spiritual Awakening 
  • Manifestation of goals and dreams 

Moldavite is the ultimate guidance stone that can guide you towards a new path in life. But it can be considered too overwhelming for some people. The reason is that this path may look completely different to what you had initially envisioned about your life. 

This is also why you will hear many crystal practitioners and energy healers talk about “being ready for Moldavite”. 

It is not uncommon to feel anxious or on edge while wearing Moldavite. The most likely scenario for why this is happening is that Moldavite forces you to face situations you are not ready for. If you are experiencing an uneasy feeling while wearing Moldavite, try to focus on what is bothering you and whether your gut is trying to tell you something. 

Sleeping with Moldavite can also feel too overwhelming for certain individuals and especially if you are new to working with crystals. Extremely vivid dreams and images may flood your mind and make it difficult to get restful sleep. In cases like these, it is best to take it off (if you are wearing a necklace) and experiment with placing it near your bed or another room.

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From friendships to romance, work-life to moving across the country, Moldavite's presence can manifest itself in so many ways. 

There are positive and negative ways that one can approach those situations. 

A new job offer can be great for your career but lead to an early breakup in your blooming relationship. The heightened intuition and spiritual awakening may also lead you to perceive things that until then went unnoticed, like a partner that is not supportive or the lack of creative stimulation at work. 

While these changes are needed when striving for personal growth, change can also feel deeply uncomfortable and lead to worry and anxiety.  


Settings intentions with Moldavite 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using your Moldavite is setting intentions. This is the easiest and most powerful way to focus the energy of the stone towards a specific action. 

When it comes to programming a stone, you always need to start with cleansing the crystal, holding it in your hands and visualizing the life you want or goal you are setting out to achieve. 

You can read more about setting intentions and programming your crystals in our guide here

Chakra image


What to use Moldavite for? 

As a natural green stone, Moldavite has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra but can also activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It is great to use for meditation, Reiki and energy healing work and of course, aligning, balancing and clearing chakra blockages. 

Some users also report physical reactions to the properties of Moldavite that are worth mentioning. The most common occurrence is a tingling heat like a wave that transfers from the stone and spreads out throughout the body. 

This can intensify if you keep the stone near your skin as part of a necklace and lead to an “energetic flush” that is evident around the Heart Chakra and the face. 


Moldavite Warning

Moldavite has intensely concentrated energy that can overwhelm and even scare certain people. 

There is nothing inherently dangerous about Moldavite. 

It is not toxic or poisonous and can be held safely. Just make sure to watch out for sharp edges!


Moldavite and Tik Tok Fame 

While Moldavite has been used for centuries, it exploded in popularity in 2020 on the social media platform Tik Tok.

There are thousands of videos from first-time crystal users that are now aware of the power of manifestation and energetic vibrations of crystals and are using Moldavite and other crystals daily. 

Due to its popularity, mining of Moldavite has also been restricted in the Czech Republic to limit environmental degradation. 

Remember: Always do your research when it comes to social media sellers and look for unbiased reviews and real life experiences. 

Check out our amazing reviews on our website, Etsy, Google reviews and social media! We have been selling Moldavite for years now.

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What about fake Moldavite? 

Since Moldavite has such a limited supply, finding an authentic piece can be an issue. 

When evaluating online retailers, the main things to keep in mind are colour, price, and quality similar to other healing stones. 

For Moldavite specifically, keep an eye out for the presence of bubbles, inclusions and whether the surface of the stone appears rough or smooth. Real Moldavite is irregular in its shape and form and has a dull and solid green colour. Extremely shiny or smooth looking stones can be melted glass that is treated to resemble Moldavite. 


What about Certificates?

Gemstone/Mineral/Tektite/Meteorite certificates are only valid when each individual piece has been examined by a certified and registered gemologist and is off a third party from the company claiming the certificates.

As Tali & Loz we are a small business, getting these certificates is very expensive and would drive up the sale price per piece at least three if not four times in order for us to afford this! That is why genuine certificates are usually only available on very high priced items, such as diamonds. It is simply not viable for most businesses to have these certificates.

So if a company claims to have certificates we would recommend to;

- Search and validate the Gemologist, are they registered at the IGS or GIA or any other worldwide body where Gemologists are registered?

- What are their credentials?

- Are these certificates valid? We recommend to screenshot the claimed certificate, contact the gemologist and find out if this is an authentic certificate or has this company just used their name?

So please be aware of the 'certificate' claims.

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How much does Moldavite cost? 

Moldavite is sold by the gram and this price changes often. 

The larger the stone you want to use the higher the cost per gram. 

If you are searching for Moldavite and finding stones that are way below market rates in other places, proceed with caution. And of course, anything that wasn’t mined in Czech Republic specifically, is fake Moldavite. 

Shop Moldavite our beautiful pieces here 


Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

  Love & Light, Laura


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