The Best Crystals For Stress and Anxiety

Laura Konst


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Are you feeling stressed and anxious all the time? Life is a constant rollercoaster, stress, anxiety and life's pressures can often reach a breaking point.

While we are collectively learning how to prioritize our mental health there is still a lot we can do to ensure we are not heading towards a burnout. The pace of modern life and all the responsibilities and worries it entails will only intensify unless we learn to slow down and invite peace, calm and serenity into our everyday lives.

Crystal lovers already know that the right healing crystal or stone can guard against negative energy, unblock your chakras, shelter and nourish your energy and spread a sense of calm and belonging. Not all crystals are made the same though. The frequencies and vibrations of certain crystals are better suited to grounding and relieving tension and heavy energy. While finding the stone that compliments you best is a personal journey, here are some of the best and most popular healing stones and crystals to relieve against stress and anxiety.

The list starts with the most popular choices and includes a range of other options that might suit your preferences.

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The Most Popular Choice:

Rose Quartz

Love conquers all! Which is why this may be one of the most popular and 

Rose Quartz Towers

beloved crystals of all time. This stunning rose-hued stone vibrates strongly with the power of love and will support and allow you to enter a state of appreciation and leave all that anxiety behind. Use Rose quartz on a every day basis when you need its calming energies. Tumblestones, worry stones and small spheres are easy to carry, whilst rough and larger crystals are great for placing around the house.

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Best Loved Stones For Worried Minds:

Black Tourmaline

People that frequently use Black Tourmaline, describe it as

Black tourmaline rough crystals

their favourite "comfort blanket" that instantly manages to put their mind at rest and absorb the negative energy present. It is no coincidence then, that Black Tourmaline is a powerfully protective stone, used to guard against negative EMF's and spiritual attacks. We love placing Black Tourmaline at the entrance of our door to keep out the unwanted energies, that might bring you out of balance.



This is a lithium-bearing mineral with a soft purplish and pink hue and is one of 

Lepidolite Tower

the best choices for stress relief and fighting anxiety. Place Lepidolite on your Third Eye or Crown Chakra and let it wash away your emotional burdens and bring a sense of harmony. Use small lepidolite crystals such as chips or tumbles next to your bed for your much needed restful sleep.



Similar to Lepidolite, Amethyst has a very strong connection to the Third

Amethyst Sphere 9KG

Eye and Crown Chakras. It is one of the most powerful soothing and nurturing crystals, with an intimate and gentle nature that soothes even the most upset mind and settles you straight away. The deep purple colour is linked to inner peace and spiritual awareness, so you can get rid of heavy energy while elevating your inner self. We recommend to use Amethyst during meditation, next to your bed and carrying with you on a regular basis to calm any restlessness that you may have.


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate comes in pale and buttery blue ones and has a strong 

Blue lace agate tumbles

connection to the Throat Chakra. As such it aids in communication, expression and allows you to speak your truth and find the courage you seek within. Blue Lace Agate will wash away fears, insecurities and anxieties and is also commonly used to calm down pets as well.



Dark and mysterious, Shungite is an ancient healing stone that has been

Shungite Spheres

used for protection and purification and resonates strongly with the Root Chakra. Shungite will help you ground and centre your emotions and get rid of all emotional difficulties. It is also used to help with insomnia and can be placed under your pillow at night. When you are stressed and/or suffer from anxiety your mind can get really cloudy. We love working with Shungite to create clarity in the mind, especially during meditations.



Moonstone is a warm and nurturing motherly hug. Bursting with feminine energy,

Moonstone worry stones

this is the preferred choice of women going through pregnancy, childbirth and everything related to motherhood. This milky white crystal will settle your nerves, balance hormones and relieve stress so that you can get back to your day without feeling burdened. Our favourite shapes of Moonstone are worry and palm stones, they are so incredibly relaxing and nurturing. 


The Supporting Crew: More Healing Stones to Try

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye provides you with the motivation to express yourself fearlessly

Tigers Eye palmstones

and courageously and soothes away the fears and anxieties of life. This balancing stone is great to keep at work in your office and has been used since the ancient years for jewellery and talismans. Tigers eye has a strong connection the the Sacral Chakra and is great for building that stable foundation you need. It also can help with releasing any tension, building confidence and stimulating creativity.



Known as the "Stone of Peace", Sodalite is characterized by its nurturing

Sodalite Spheres

and comforting nature that will bring peace, and prevent anxiety and panic attacks. Sodalite is used by public speakers to ease their nerves before speeches and is linked to the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. This crystal will also help with finding your truth and it gives you the courage to speak your truth as well. Carry a few Sodalite crystals during a creative process, this can stimulate the 'out of the box thinking' and not being stressed about the outcome of it. 



The glorious Kyanite is a stone that can instantly aid in chakra alignment, and 

Kyanite Blades

vibrates strongly at the higher chakras, including the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. With its cloudy baby blue colour and nurturing energy, it will allow you to release negativity and toxic thoughts and step into yourself, freely and without hesitation. 


Smoky Quartz

A grounding stone, Smoky Quartz will centre and settle your body and appease 

Smokey Quartz Sphere

the anxiety and irrational fears or nightmares that could be affecting your ability to enter a restful dream state. If you are feeling lost and need something to calm your nerves, Smoky Quartz is a great option.



With its delicate pinkish hue and speckles of brown or black, Rhodonite like

Rhodonite Mushrooms crystals

it could be a candy bar. A Heart Chakra stone that vibrates with love and compassion, this is a great crystal to keep near when you feel a panic or anxiety attack coming on. Let Rhodonite bring self-love and affection into your life as you wash the fears away. 



The sun always shines when Citrine is around. This powerful stone whose 

Citrine tumbles

vibrations are linked to the Crown, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, is a master energy purifier and cleanser. Reset your emotional state to a state of bliss and relaxation with Citrine. 



Selenite is a powerful crystal, often used to cleanse other crystals. 

Selenite rulers

It has the unique ability to neutralize negative energies in the environment and will provide a protective barrier for your aura from toxic thoughts or stressful situations. Use Selenite rulers or wands to cleanse your aura to keep heavy energies away. If you do don't forget between your legs, where you pick up the energies and they stay stagnant there. Selenite is also great to use around kids and teens to clear the energies in their enviroment.



As the name implies, this is the "Stone of Angels". Angelite comes in the 

Angelite towers

dreamiest pale blue and white tones you have ever seen and aids spiritual communication. The soft nurturing vibrations can help you overcome grief, loss or emotional pain after losing a loved one, and settle the feelings of anger, and fear.



Fluorite is a combination of minerals like Quartz and Calcite, 

Fluorite Towers

both containing strong purifying effects and used for relaxation. It is found in a variety of colours, including Yellow for manifestation, Blue for spiritual awakening and White or Clear for enlightenment, peace and relaxation. Whatever you pick, Fluorite will dispel fear and negativity and lift the fog of anxiety clouding your brain.


More options for crystals to use to beat stress and anxiety:

You will not find the crystals mentioned below in as many Top 10 lists going around but that doesn't mean they are not for you!

Check out some of the options and try to incorporate one of these healing crystals in your next meditation practice when you are feeling stressed to see how you feel.

As always, feel free to email or DM us if you like any free personalised advice! 


Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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