Tigers Eye: For Those Who Seek Balance In Life

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If your goal in life is to be equanimous, grounded, and compassionate, then you may want to invest in Tigers Eye. This stone may help its users integrate spiritual life with physical existence. With its connection to the fire and Earth elements, this stone also has a natural ability to help people find balance between extremes.

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Tigers Eye spheres

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Tigers Eye Tumblestones

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Blue Tigers Eye Towers



The Origins of Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a member of the Quartz family of crystals and in practice,

Tigers Eye Obelisk

it harmonizes very well with any-and-all crystalline Quartz stones. The colour is an earthy red-ish brown with streaks of gold and yellow cutting through its earth tones. (There are other colour variations of Tigers Eye, but we will talk about those another time). It quite literally looks like fire and earth coming together, encased in solid swirls of beauty. Many believe that Tigers Eye crystals resemble the natural gold and brown we see in actual Tigers’ eyes, and historically, it has been used by many ancient cultures to ward of spirits, provide protection, inspire bravery, and receive good luck.

To date, the highest quantities of Tigers Eye can be found in South Africa, with smaller amounts located in India, Australia, and the US. These stones register with a hardness of seven on the MOHs scale and have been used to make pieces of jewellery since the Ancient Egyptian times.

Whether you choose to adorn your body with this stone or not, there are plenty of ways to reap the benefits offered by the ever-powerful Tigers Eye.


Make Good Use of Tigers Eye

If you’re looking to find balance, remain grounded, and give compassion, this

Blue Tigers Eye Towers

stone will be your new best friend.

Naturally, Tigers Eye works well with Earth and fire Chakras – Solar Plexus (fire) and Root (Earth) – as well as the Sacral Chakra which rests between the Solar Plexus and the Root. As such, these stones support physical vitality, metabolic function, and the balance of extreme or polarizing emotional states. Use this stone to energize your physical body with your internal sense of empowerment as you take on new projects, engage in creative pursuits, and face strenuous tasks or extended periods of duress. Try carrying it with you or wearing Tigers Eye in the form of a necklace or bracelet.

To cultivate compassion for yourself and others, use this stone during meditation. Try to embody the vibration of compassion and unconditional love. With this practice, you will not simply feel more blissful, but you’ll be empowered to take compassionate action for yourself, for other human beings, for the world!

Additionally, Tigers Eye is a great companion for individuals who are involved in:

  • Any form of mediation
  • Tough negotiations
  • Divorce
  • Complicated situations
  • Political disagreements
  • Creating positive change in the world


Cleansing Tigers Eye

We want to encourage you to learn about the importance of cleansing and recharging your crystals on a regular basis. You can do so at home, quickly and easily, to reinvigorate their vibrations and strengthen their ability to benefit your life.

Mini Tigers Eye Towers

When your crystals pick up energies from the world around them (as they often do) those energies need to be released, as they could impact and alter the crystal’s natural vibration. It’s important to restore that natural vibration before using the crystal, and/or after every few uses. Working with clear crystals will strengthen your intentions.

There are several methods for recharging your crystals that you can read about here, but if you’re looking for a quick tip that you can use any time, try burying your crystal in a small patch or bowl of dirt for several hours. Mother nature will help restore your Tigers Eye with is natural strength and vitality.

As Tigers Eye is part of the Quartz family it is safe to cleanse your gems with water.


Tigers Eye for Capricorn

Tigers Eye has a special ability to instil its users with a higher sense of clarity 

Mini Tigers Eye Spheres

and the ability to look at situations from a higher perspective and without judgement. So, although Tigers Eye is the birthstone for Gemini, it’s Capricorns who stand to receive the greatest benefit in using these stones.

Naturally observant Capricorns are eager to advance in life (especially their careers), secure wealth, and use their intelligence to their advantage. Tigers Eye can help with its ability to improve Capricorns natural observational, intellectual, and judgmental abilities (in a good way!). Even better, this stone can help the stubborn Capricorn open their heart and soften their attitudes towards change.


Invest in Tigers Eye to Improve Your Life

Balance, compassion, empowerment, equanimity, and grounding. These are the gifts offered to individuals who choose to work with the magnificent Tigers Eye. 

Tigers Eye Tumblestones

You are a spiritual being living out a human experience, and there is no better stone for dealing with that reality than Tigers Eye. Integrate your spiritual path with your physical existence, energize your body to take empowered action, move through the world with a greater sense of compassion, and release your need to judge others when you begin working with this stone today.

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