Top 7 Crystals For Men and How to Use Them

Laura Konst

Crystals have a feminine and masculine energy, but does that mean only women can use feminine energy crystals and men only masculine? No, that is not the case at all! However some crystals do fit men better than others and we will discover below which crystals are the best, why and how to use them. There are many benefits to using crystals for men. Their healing energy and diverse beneficial properties are suitable for a variety of needs. Using crystals for men can reduce stress, boost creativity, increase self-confidence, connect with your authentic self and much more.



Amethyst has been used for ages for a variety of purposes. It is a great unisex crystals but men do tend to feel their highly soothing benefit strongly. Amethyst is a stone that helps men overcome anxiety and stress. It provides uplifting energy that aids in grounding. It can help you to let go of your thoughts and emotions when in doubt. The crystal can also soothe emotional wounds and protect you against negative energy.

How to Use Amethyst:

Whether you have a huge Cathedral or small Tumblestones Amethyst is powerful. We love having a piece of Amethyst next to our bed for calming and sleep. But we recommend if you want to use Amethyst in your office or workspace to pick a large statement piece to calm the entire room and keep out the negative energies from the workday.

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In addition to the healing powers it provides, pyrite is useful in strengthening relationships and it can ignite passion and ignite dreams. It can help you feel

Pyrite Spheres

safe and secure in your own skin, and can bring out your natural leadership qualities. This crystal can also help you see through the pretense of life, and live in the light of authenticity. Pyrite is also known as the stone for prosperity and abundance, a great crystal to manifest for success.

How to Use Pyrite:

Wearing a Pyrite pendant can help you manifest your dreams and it can also be a great motivational tool. Keep some pieces near your workspace, or wear it yourself, and it will serve as a visual reminder to stay true to your goals.

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Tigers Eye

The power of this crystal is in its paradoxical nature. It can help a man feel more energetic while simultaneously relaxing and bringing clarity during periods of 

Blue tigers eye palmstones

disarray. It also helps restore balance to the life, and is said to protect against jealousy and abuse of power.

First, Tigers Eye can be used alone or in combination with other stones. Serpentine, for example, will increase the energy of Tigers Eye and help to alleviate physical discomfort caused by negativity. Blue Lace Agate, on the other hand, is known for giving clarity and calmness during difficult times. When combined with Tigers Eye, the effects of these crystals will become even more profound.

For men who wish to strengthen their self-esteem, the power of Tigers Eye can help them connect with their desires and put their plans into motion in a measured and methodical manner. This crystal can also assist in achieving financial success, as well as help people practice good judgment. All the main specimens of Tigers Eye are very beneficial for men.

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How to Use Tigers Eye:

Very simply said have it everywhere! Because of it’s fantastic appearance wearing Tigers Eye for men looks very modern. Currently we see a lot of men wearing bracelets and amulets of Tigers Eye, it has very masculine feel to it. We love having a big Tigers Eye sphere in our living space for protection and grounding energies. And palmstones are a fantastic tool during meditation and to use as a anti-stress tool.

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No matter who you are, Tourmaline is a must-have but it has a particularly good connection with men. Using tourmaline can transform your mood and bring 

Rough black tourmaline

about more inspiration. Its healing energies can help you find your way out of the dark and promote optimism.

As a powerful energy booster, tourmaline opens the base and heart chakras, which for many men this is much needed. It inspires men to live their lives passionately and it has the ability to open the heart to love, risk, and experience the beauty of life. As an added benefit, it helps protect your space from negative energies. It can be used to cleanse the environment, especially the home.

How to use Tourmaline:

We recommend to have rough Black Tourmaline around all the devices for EMF protection which will benefit everyone. But for men, wearing Black Tourmaline has a great benefit of keeping the men’s energy more stable.

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If you're looking for a manly gift, try a piece of kyanite. It's a beautiful and rare stone, but it can be fragile if you're not careful. The first thing you should know 

Kyanite rough pieces

about kyanite is that it's an air-element crystal, which means it soothes but balances the overall mood.

In addition to being a powerful healing crystal, kyanite helps balance chakras and raise psychic abilities. The most common usage for Kyanite is to aid in dream recall and promote healing during dreaming. This practice is mostly done by women but for men it will be of great benefit too. Kyanite is also known for clearing up emotional problems, such as stress and anxiety. It sharpens the mind and helps form neural pathways. It helps promote healthy sleeping and eating habits.

How to use Kyanite:

Kyanite is very fragile so we recommend to keep them on a safe place such as next to the bed, on your desk etc. Wearing Kyanite is also very beneficial for your Throat Chakra, boosting your communication skills. But take the jewellery off before any activity.

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Lapis Lazuli

If you've been wondering how to use Lapis-Lazuli in your relationships, read on! This crystal helps you build a deeper connection with your partner, making it 

Lapis Lazuli hearts

easier to achieve your relationship goals. It can also help you discover your true self and work with reality. Lapis-Lazuli helps you take charge of your love life and realize what you want from your relationship.

This ultramarine stone has been used for centuries to support a man's spiritual growth. The ancient Egyptians believed the colour evoked inner peace and transformed lives. They dyed the garments of royalty and priests with this stone. Lapis-Lazuli stimulates intuition, mental clarity, and problem-solving. It's a great stone for men, especially when it's time for a relationship.

How to Use Lapis Lazuli:

When wearing Lapis-Lazuli jewellery, you're making direct contact with the stone. It allows the healing energy to flow from the crystal to your body. It can also help with emotional balance and protect you from panic attacks. Lapis-Lazuli jewellery should be cleaned with sage smoke. It's best to store it in a cool, dry area to avoid the effects of heat.

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While many of the gemstones are associated with love, moonstone has a special effect on lovers. This crystals has an overall feminine energy but it is 

Rainbow Moonstone Pyramid

great for men. Moonstone is often referred to as the ''stone of new beginnings'' and can support your journey to inner growth and strength by providing emotional support and stability. Wearing moonstone can enhance your relationship and intimacy with your partner. You can also use it in meditation to improve your love life, and soften your overall energy.

It helps to restore emotional balance and it is also believed to harmonize the body with the lunar cycle. This type of therapy uses vibrational energy from the moon to empower the healing process.

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How to Use Moonstone:

Wearing Moonstone will have a soothing and calming effect on men. We also recommend to have small pieces such as tumblestones or chips underneath your pillow for a restful night.

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What crystals do you use for men? Let us know!

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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