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Aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius is known for being a humanitarian, an objective observer and a creative idealist, with a wild imagination and a tendency to reject society’s rules and social norms. Most Aquarians have a large group of people in their circle and can get along with almost anyone. At the same time, they need lots of space and can often appear detached, especially when dealing with personal issues.  

Aquarians don’t like being boxed into labels and want people around them that appreciate them for the unique snowflake that they are. While their rational mind is to be admired, Aquarians are not the best at verbally expressing what they are feeling and prefer to shut down rather than ask for help.

The energy of certain crystals is especially attuned to specific astrological signs. Working with some of these stones and crystals can help Aquarius on their journey to personal growth and ease stress and anxiety. Here are some of the best crystals for Aquarius zodiac signs.  


Characteristics of Aquarius - Strengths and Weaknesses  

Date Duration:  January 20th - February 18th 

Air zodiac sign

Symbol: Water Bearer 

Element: Air 

Modality: Fixed 

Planetary Ruler: Uranus 

The Aquarius symbol is the Water Bearer. Despite the link to water both in the symbol and the name - “aqua” - this zodiac sign is actually an Air element sign. The Water Bearer brings the flow of water and life to earth, similar to how an Aquarius loves to share ideas and has dreams of bettering the world. 

It will come as no surprise that the ruling planet Uranus, is the planet of originality, innovation and new ideas. Uranus reminds us that it might be time to reassess the old way of doing things and embrace the discomfort and growth that comes with change. While this makes Aquarians open-minded it also makes them come across as absent-minded and disorganized. With so much time spent thinking of the grand plan of their life, minor details and everyday events are easy to push to the side. 

As a fixed sign, Aquarius also exhibits the same stubborn qualities as other zodiac signs like Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. Always the dreamer, Aquarius loves to debate and share their ideas. While they are not judgmental, their know-it-all attitude that comes from establishing their beliefs after careful thought can seem intolerant and dismissive of the opinion of others.  


Top Picks for Aquarius Crystals 

Amethyst WandsAmethyst wands  

Iolite TumblestonesIolite Tumbles

Green Fuchsite TowerGreen Fuchsite Tower

What is the Aquarius Birthstone? 

Garnet is the Aquarius birthstone. This vibrant red crystal brings transformation 

Garnet tumblestones

and growth to Aquarians that are always working to better themselves. It symbolizes commitment, passion and loyalty and has a fiery strength that just like this zodiac sign pushes inhibitions and taboos to the side. 

Aquarius also responds to Aquamarine, Amethyst and Jasper stones. 


Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius 


This versatile stone is great for grounding and healing work and attuned to 

Hematite tumbles

Aquarius energy. It features a metallic sheen of its surface with red colour with red streaks that have given it its name from the Greek word "aima" meaning blood. A powerful cleansing crystal, Hematite protects you from negativity and allows you to focus and analyse the world around you better. 



Angelite is an Aquarius birthstone and an ideal choice for those with their Moon 

Angelite towers

in Aquarius. Greatly attuned to the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakra, this crystal strengthens your spiritual connection and allows you to get in touch with the angelic realms and your spirit guides. This is particularly helpful for Aquarius, since Uranus values rationality above emotional intelligence and contributes to their eccentric outlook in life. 



Fluorite is an Aquarius crystal that is also known as the “Genius Stone''. It is 

Fluorite Hearts

frequently used in yoga and meditation practices to assist with focus, mental clarity and concentration, and is one of the most popular stones in the world. Fluorite comes in a range of colours with the rarest being the pink and black varieties. Fluorite helps Aquarians declutter their thoughts and enhance focus so they don’t spend the whole day daydreaming. 


Aura Zebra Jasper 

This peculiar looking crystal highlights the fun and quirky side of Aquarians and 

Aura zebra towers

helps them tap into the grounding energy of Mother Earth while reaching for new goals. This crystal breaks down the walls of apathy that Aquarians build when things don’t go according to plan and brings strength and vitality. Aura Zebra Jasper is also a great stone if you want to increase motivation when exploring a new career path or working on a project. 


Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer and is a stunning crystal used to 

Clear quartz tumbles

realign your chakras, amplify your intentions and clear blockages. A great stone for those born under the Aquarius sign whose intellect, while unmatched in the zodiac, can often lead to boredom and restlessness. This is especially true in relationships where Aquarius requires an emotional connection to feel secure. Clear Quartz also stands for purity, virtue and integrity.


Green Fluorite 

Green Fluorite is another excellent crystal for the sun sign of Aquarius. With its 

Green fluorite towers

connection to the Heart Chakra and warm healing vibrations, it helps Aquarians fight their detachment and work through emotional wounds and trauma that have been left to the side. This is important for Aquarius as these blockages can lead to them being rude and tactless when it comes to other people and unintentionally sabotage their closest relationships. With your Heart Chakra open, it will also be easier to focus on other areas of life and feel settled. 


Black Moonstone 

Black Moonstone is a stone that resonates with the Third Eye, Sacral and Root 

Black moonstone tumbles

Chakra and has a powerful and grounding energy. What makes Black Moonstone an ideal choice for Aquarians is the way it balances the dual nature of this sign and promotes self-awareness. It can help you get in touch with your sensitive and intimate side and encourage harmonious relationships especially if you are struggling with a lack of passion and expressing your needs. Black Moonstone is connected to the Divine Feminine and a great gift for new mothers. 


Strawberry Quartz 

Aquarians have a charming and witty nature that sometimes makes it difficult to 

Strawberry quartz tumbles

keep up with their thoughts and new ideas. This stone combines the benefits of Quartz with Hematite inclusions, both of which are ideal for the Aquarius sign. It is associated with gratitude, harmony and respect and can support Aquarians that feel lost in their never-ending plans and ideas.  



Amethyst is a February birthstone and a great crystal for Aquarius. Its name 

Amethyst Cathedral

comes from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning sober as it has been used since ancient years to fight addiction and cure overindulgences. Amethyst activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and promotes a balanced and restful sleep. This stone will assist the anxiety-prone and unpredictable nature of this zodiac sign and balance your mood swings. A powerful crystal that calms the body and mind so you can be at your best.


Want an Aquarius crystal set? 

This carefully curated 7-piece bundle of Aquarius crystals and stones includes 

Aquarius tumblestone set and candle

Garnet, Hematite, Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Black Moonstone, Strawberry Quartz, Amethyst. A thoughtful and loving gift for the Aquarius in your life that will enhance your natural talents and help your personal energy grow and thrive. 


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us for free crystal advice! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz 
  Love & Light, Laura


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