What Crystal Do I Need? Advanced Crystal Choosing For Crystal Lovers

When trying to select the crystals you need, there are many things to keep in mind.

For some, the process is based on “touch and feel”. When a stone feels right and its vibrations match the energy you need at the point in life, a connection is made. You can also explore healing crystals that complement and suit your zodiac sign or focus on specific chakras to work on.

The knowledge passed down by ancient healers and tribes offers another way of approaching this question: elements and planets. The ancient Greeks categorised the world into 4 main elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

While crystals undoubtedly have a strong connection to the “Earth” element, each one also has unique characteristics that relate to human nature and specific dominant characteristics.

Being aware of the advanced characteristics of each crystal in relation to the elements and the planets can help you decide what crystal you need the most. You can also browse planet characteristics including the sun and moon for a more comprehensive picture. 


What do we mean by advanced crystal choosing?

First of all, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to crystal picking.

What feels right to you at the moment could also be the best choice.

But you might also be interested in digging a bit deeper to learn and understand the connections between who we are as people and the effect that healing crystals can have on us. That is when “advanced crystal choosing” comes into the picture to create a more meticulous journey of self-awareness and searching that looks at various factors. A more holistic approach if you like!

Before we start, let’s take a look and remember the main elements.


Crystals and the elements: what are they?

As previously mentioned, the four-element categorization first originated in Ancient Greece and was present in many other civilizations over the centuries. While all crystals are found on Earth (or come from the Sky) they are conduits of a different energy source. Unfortunately, a lot of that ancient wisdom has been lost and is slowly being regained. That sometimes brings confusion with some crystals present in more than one Element category or still being investigated.

Here are the four elements:

Water Element Symbol
Water: healing, intuition, higher consciousness, tranquillity, healing
  • Crystal match: Ruby in Fuschite, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Apophyllite
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Fire Element Symbol

Fire: passion, determination, courage, perseverance and purification

  • Crystal match: Septarian, Red Jasper, Red Calcite, Sunstone
  • Zodiac sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Air Element Symbol 

Air: new ideas, communication, travel and discovery, brings inspiration and creativity

  • Crystal match: Angelite, Angel Aura Quartz, Citrine, Rhodonite
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Earth Element Symbol
 Earth: strong grounding energy, abundance, prosperity and success
  • Crystal match: Malachite, Tiger’s Eye, Black Tourmaline, Mookaite
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


*There is also a 5th but less often mentioned element called Akasha, the Sanskrit word for “atmosphere” or “space”.

Its power represents the combination of the other 4 elements and is most often associated with the colour white. Akasha is the soft and all-encompassing energy that lives within us all and invites us to connect with our divine and spiritual self.

Want to learn about Akasha and Akashic Readings? Listen to our Podcast here!


Crystals and the planets: What are they?

You might be aware that we all have different planet placements, assigned to us at birth.

Our planet placement is unique, so much so that it is incredibly rare to find two individuals that share the exact planet placement on their birth chart.

Finding your astrology birth chart (also known as a natal chart) can be done with the use of free online tools. All you need to know is the date, place and time you were born. However, reading your birth chart correctly and discovering what it means for you is a complicated process that requires the help of an expert.

🌟 For those serious about discovering the potential of astrology and working with crystals, I recommend a reading with Evolutionary Astrologer and my good friend, Jev Glazunova. You can also listen to our latest podcast episode with Jev here and connect with her on Instagram for readings.

Your birth chart will offer valuable insight into the associations you have with each planet, and help you select the right crystals for you.

Here are the main characteristics of the planets:

Sun SymbolSun: Health and authenticity

Moon SymbolMoon: Balance of emotions and feminine energy

Mercury SymbolMercury: Communication, clarity of thoughts

Venus SymbolVenus: Love, passion and desire

Mars SymbolMars: Vitality and energy force

Jupiter SymbolJupiter: Prosperity, abundance mindset and wealth creation

Saturn SymbolSaturn: Stability and structure, great for those seeking discipline and purpose in life

Uranus SymbolUranus: New beginnings, novelty and originality

Neptune SymbolNeptune: Spiritual awakening, breaking through the fog, imagination

Pluto SymbolPluto: Transformation in relationships, letting go of toxic thoughts

Note: The Sun and Moon are not planets but “Lights” and are almost always included in relevant lists.


Choosing a crystal based on planet placements

Now that you know the main characteristics of each planet, it is time to take a closer look at the crystals associated with them. You can use this handy list close by when searching for the next crystal that needs to enter your life.

The connection between astrology, zodiac signs, planet placement and crystals might seem confusing at first. Understanding it, however, is what will allow you to enhance, rejuvenate or soothe energies based on your needs.

One well-known example of how planets affect our mood and energy levels is the period known as “Mercury Retrograde”. On average, this phenomenon takes place 3-4 times a year and is characterised by Mercury seemingly moving backwards. What actually happens is an illusion, since Mercury is never really *in* retrograde, it is just moving at a slower pace.

The effects of Mercury Retrograde are chaotic energy, disruption of routines and a feeling of uneasiness. Generally, nothing seems to be going right. Mercury being the planet of communication means you may forget appointments, pick fights, feel misunderstood and struggle with expressing your thoughts. Sounds familiar?

Depending on your zodiac sign and planet placements, a phenomenon like Mercury Retrograde could be more or less of a big deal each year. Knowing this in advance can help you prepare with crystals that bring balance and can soothe your chaotic energy and mind.

Let’s take a look below at crystals for different planets, including Mercury of course!


Crystals for different planets according to your sign

Aries Zodiac SignZodiac Sign: Aries 

Date: March 21 - April 19

Birth Planet: Mars

Planet signifies: Vitality & energy force

Aries Crystals:

Main: Carnelian - Motivation, endurance, leadership

Also see:

Carnelian Worry stones

Fancy Jasper – Relief stress, dream recall, balance chakras

Garnet – Energise aura, dispel fears and lethargic energy

Hematite – Get rid of worry, Feel safe and secure, protection stone



Zodiac Sign: TaurusTaurus Zodiac Symbol

Date: April 20 - May 20

Birth Planet: Venus

Planet signifies: Love, passion & desire

Taurus Crystals:

Main: Rose Quartz - Universal love, peace, surrender

Rose Quartz Spheres

Also see:

Black Sardonyx -  Confidence, sexual expression, Sacral and Root Chakra

Chrysoprase – Love, compassion, happiness, self-love

Flower Agate -  Divine feminine, soft, nurturing, new mothers


Gemini Zodiac SignZodiac Sign: Gemini

Date: May 21 - June 20

Birth Planet: Mercury

Planet signifies: Communication, clarity of thoughts


Main: Emerald - Successful love, intuition, deep learning

Also see:

Emerald Tumblestones

Yellow Aventurine - During Mercury Retrograde keeps you focused, if over-sensitive enhance understanding

Tigers Eye – Enhances the communications

Zebra Agate – Clear thinking matching the energy, also grounding and focus



Zodiac Sign: CancerCancer Zodiac Symbol

Date: June 21 - July 22

Birth Planet: Moon

Planet signifies: Balance of emotions and feminine energy


Main: Moonstone - Emotional support, strength, kindness

Moonstone Hearts

Also see:

Rainbow Moonstone – Peace, inspiration, powerful at full moon

Selenite – Super cleansing and charging due with Full Moon to other crystals as well

Pink Moonstone - The Stone of the Heart, Love and Higher Consciousness



Leo zodiac symbolZodiac Sign: Leo

Date: July 23 - August 22

Birth Planet: Sun

Planet signifies: Health & authenticity

Main: Sunstone - Connected to Greek God ‘Helios’, confidence, enthusiasm

Also see:

Sunstone Hearts

Blue Tigers Eye - Balance, and communication

Clear Quartz - Vibrant healing energy

Golden Healer Quartz - Enhance energy, inner healing & peace



Zodiac Sign: VirgoVirgo Zodiac Symbol

Date: August 23 - September 22

Birth Planet: Mercury

Planet signifies: Communication, clarity of thoughts


Main: Chrysoprase - Positivity, happiness, anxiety-killer

Chrysoprase Tumbles

Also see: 

Yellow Aventurine – During Mercury Retrograde keeps you focused, if over-sensitive enhance understanding

Tigers Eye – Enhances the communications

Zebra Agate – Clear thinking matching the energy, also grounding and focus



Libra Zodiac SymbolZodiac Sign: Libra

Date: September 23 - October 22

Birth Planet: Venus

Planet signifies: Love, passion & desire


Main: Kunzite - Empathy, compassion, protection

Also see:

Kunzite Tumbles

Black Sardonyx -  Confidence, sexual expression, Sacral and Root Chakra

Chrysoprase – Love, compassion, happiness, self-love

Flower Agate -  Divine feminine, soft, nurturing, new mothers



Zodiac Sign: ScorpioScorpio Zodiac Symbol

Date: October 23 - November 21

Birth Planet: Pluto

Planet signifies: Transformation in relationships, getting rid of toxic thoughts 


Main: Obsidian - Emotional support, grounding, finding focus

Obsidian Towers

Also see:

Snow white Aragonite – Purity, letting go of toxic energy, protection

Aquamarine – Balance, divine feminine, telling the truth

Moldavite - Ultimate transformation feeling, embracing the journey, changes



Sagittarius Zodiac SymbolZodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Date: Number 22 - December 21

Birth Planet: Jupiter

Planet signifies: Prosperity, abundance mindset and wealth creation


Main: Amethyst - Balanced mindset, soothe irritability, finding focus

Amethyst worry stones

Also see:

Pyrite – Abundance, prosperity

Polychrome Jasper – Keep grounded when feeling to ‘powerful’,

Ruby in Zoisite – Growth, productivity, feeling secure



Zodiac Sign: CapricornCapricorn Zodiac Symbol

Date: December 22 - January 19

Birth Planet: Saturn

Planet signifies: Stability and structure, great for those seeking discipline and purpose in life 



Calcite- Growth mindset, learning, sisterhood/brotherhood, connection 

Green Calcite rough pieces

Also see:

Shungite – Protection stone, feeling secure,

Smokey Quartz -  Grounding, calming, stability, finding drive in life

White Calcite – Dissolve negative thoughts,  encourage security



Aquarius Zodiac SymbolZodiac Sign: Aquarius

Date: January 20 - February 18

Birth Planet: Uranus

Planet signifies: New beginnings, novelty and originality


Main: Labradorite - Strength, bravery, perseverance, raise consciousness

Also see:

Labradorite Hearts

Amazonite – Soothing, anxiety, self-acceptance, understanding

Angelite – Connection to higher consciousness,

Black Moonstone – Harmony, sacred peace, new mothers, new beginnings



Zodiac Sign: PiscesPisces Zodiac Symbol

Date: February 19 - March 20

Birth Planet: Neptune

Planet signifies: Spiritual awakening, breaking through the fog, imagination


Main: Lapis Lazuli - Self awareness, truthful expression, clarity and compassion

Lapis Lazuli Towers

Also See:

Fluorite – Genius stone, spiritual awakening, wisdom, creativity

Blue Lace Agate - Spiritual awakening, confidence, thinking clear

Green Aventurine – Soothing inner-pressure, creativity, good luck


Only thing left to say is remember our inbox and DMs are always open to anyone wanting someone to reach out to to discuss further.

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

Love & Light, Laura


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