These 5 Crystals Are The Best For Dream Recalling

These 5 crystals are the best for dream recalling

What is dream calling and what are the benefits?

For many, dreaming has always been a natural escape from reality, but in recent years there has been so much more information about the significance of dreams, their meanings, their healing power, and how to remember them when you wake up. Dreams can feel like fleeting fragments that are impossible to recollect upon waking up. But with practise, everyone can learn how to recall you dreams.

Once we drift off to sleep, our brains enter into a state known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). During this period, our brains release serotonin and endorphins – feel-good chemicals – to help us relax. As a result, most of us have some pretty crazy dreams.

Unfortunately, not everyone can recall their dreams naturally, but crystals can be great tools to help recalling dreams. To further aid in unlocking the doors of your subconscious, working with crystals while falling asleep can also be a great way to help recall dreams, as well as create new ones. 

Did you know that recording your dreams is a great way to help you uncover hidden aspects of your subconscious and help process the events of the day? Keeping a dream journal is an excellent way to help you do this, as it prompts you to think back on your dreams and document them in detail. But where and how do you start?

Our founder Laura, recommends to start practising recalling your dreams by trying to not wake up quickly.  She says ‘once you feel you are starting to wake up. Keep your eyes closed, stay as still as possible and ideally go straight into a meditation state, you will be surprised the amount of memories from the dreams itself will come up. Once you have remembered something, write it down, no matter how small or big. Anything is possible and nothing is weird, from people, colours, sounds, smells and even full-blown scenes and your own emotional and physical pain can be seen and felt. I have been able to naturally recall my dreams since I was a child, and I have learnt the healing power of them. For me they often show a mirror of my life, from current happenings to past traumas that suddenly come up. Once I have recorded them, I love to write my own analysis about them. Perhaps I can link them to a certain period of time or occurrence? This practice is very healing for me, it has pulled me through my difficult times. And of course, I love using crystals for dream recalling and I will share my favorites. 


The top 5 crystals that will help you recall your dreams, unearth their hidden meanings, and inspire new ones.


Yellow (Orange) Calcite

Yellow Orange Calcite is a great crystal to help you recall your dreams. It is a stone of creativity and inspiration and will help you tap into your subconscious,

Yellow Calcite rough pieces

find inspiration and process any emotions or events you might be holding onto. Yellow Orange Calcite is also a stone of self-love, meaning you will also be able to understand and process any parts of your life that you might be rejecting and holding onto negative emotions from. When you sleep with Yellow Orange Calcite, you will be able to tap into your creativity, energy, and passion. It also helps you connect to your emotions and subconscious while dreaming and this makes Yellow Orange Calcite a great stone to help you recall your dreams.



Zeolite is a beautiful crystal that can help you clear away any blocks or negative energy you might be holding onto, while also helping you access your dreams and remember them. Zeolite is a stone of clarity and will help you to see beyond any illusions that you might be holding onto, as well as tap into your creativity and passion. If you are carrying any heavy emotions or blocks from your day, these emotions can be transferred over to your dreams, so by clearing any clutter from your day, you will help your dreams be free and unencumbered. Because this crystal will help you connect to your emotions and subconscious and give you the clarity, Zeolite is a fantastic crystal for dream recall practices.


Desert rose

Desert rose is a calming and loving crystal that provides love, compassion, and

Desert Rose

connection. Connected to your Third Eye Chakra it provides foresight, perspective and self-awareness too making it a great crystal to help you recall dreams. This crystal will also help you find love, clarity and acceptance in your life. Desert Rose is also a stone that will help you connect to and understand your emotions, which is where your dreams come from.


Fancy jasper

Fancy jasper is a stone of luck and protection, making it a great crystal to help you recall your dreams and stay protected in your sleep. Fancy jasper is a great  crystal to use when you are feeling anxious, stressed, or out of balance. This crystal is a stone of transformation, meaning it will help you clear away any blocks or negative energy you might be holding onto and help you transform these emotions into positive ones and this crystal can offer much-needed insight for difficult decisions. When you sleep with fancy jasper, it will also help you to clear away any negative energy and blockages you might be carrying, which can be transferred over to your dreams and daily life.



Kyanite is a crystal that can help you tap into your self-expression, creativity, as well as accessing your dreams. Kyanite is a crystal of inspiration, meaning it will

Kyanite rough Blades

help you tap into your emotions and subconscious, as well as access your creativity. Kyanite is a great crystal to use when you are feeling uninspired or blocked from your creative juices. As a blue stone, it is highly attuned to your Throat Chakra and can encourage communication and self-expression, especially in times when you feel unable to speak your truth. During meditation (ideally just after your dream recalling practices) just place it on your body and watch as it replenishes the energy in your body and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Kyanite is a great crystal to keep under the pillow in your bed.



Apophyllite is a crystal of awareness and is a master stimulator, meaning it is a great stone to help you understand yourself better. Apophyllite is a crystal of the heart and is a great crystal to use when you need to feel more in tune with yourself and your emotions. This will help you to transform any negative emotions you might be holding onto and connect to your true self. The tender nature of Apophyllite promotes understanding and forgiveness and will help resolve communication issues with friends, family and yourself. It is also linked to abundance, prosperity, divine intuition and emotional support.



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Dreaming is a natural phenomena that happens to everyone every night. Despite being such a common occurrence, surprisingly little is known about dreaming and the psychological and physiological processes behind it. Moreover, dreams, as well as their ability to provide insight into one's personality and psyche, are often neglected or dismissed. Crystals, on the other hand, are renowned for their healing and transformative abilities. By combining these two natural phenomena, one can not only experience the benefits of both but also tap into their full potential.


Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

 Love & Light, Laura


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