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Apophyllite Druzy Freeform - Transformation/Prosperity

Apophyllite Druzy Freeform - Transformation/Prosperity

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Apophyllite Druzy Freeform

Pronunciation: A-po-fy-lyte

Chakras: Crown and Heart

Zodiac: Libra and Gemini

Element: Air and Water

Planet: Mercury

Crystal Group: Apophyllite

Crystal Category: Phyllosilicate

Mohs Scale Hardness: 4.5 - 5

Colours: Colourless, White, Pink, Green

Crystal system: Tetragonal

Cleavage: Perfect on (001)

Formula: KCa4Si8O20(F,OH)·8(H2O)

Keywords: Transformation, Energy Stimulator, Spiritual Channels, Abundance, Intuition

The name of this stone derives from the Greek word “apophilliso” which translates to “flaky” and is a reference to the tendency of the crystal to come apart when heated. Similarly, this stone will allow you to shed past burdens and begin the process of transformation. Apophyllite is a master energy stimulator that is often used as part of a crystal grid and can enhance your connections to the universe and contribute to spiritual growth. Apophyllite comes in a variety of colours, from white to green and with yellow and brown tones often visible on the surface. Apophyllite resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra and has a particularly light aura that blocks negativity and will restore your energy. The tender nature of Apophyllite promotes understanding and forgiveness and will help resolve communication issues with friends and family. Work with Apophyllite for dream recalling and intuition practices plus opening up your spiritual channels with the universe. We love combining Apophyllite with Pyrite for abundance and prosperity. To have a mega boost of spiritual energies try to combine Apophyllite and Lemurian crystals, we do recommend this for experienced crystal users.

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