The Best Crystals For Extroverts & How To Use Them

Extrovert in letters

If you identify as an extrovert then you enjoy socializing and being around people. 

Generally speaking, introverts energize by looking inwards and spending time in solitude. On the other hand, extroverts could be around people all day long without feeling drained. These personality traits and characteristics of extroverts and introverts were first defined by Carl Jung in the 20th century and have since found practical applications in our everyday life. 

Knowing how you prefer to interact with others can help you with regulating energy and practising self-care but also on how you approach your relationship with people in your life. Working with healing crystals as an extrovert will help regulate your enthusiastic and friendly nature and protect your precious energy. Let’s explore some of our favourite crystals for extroverts. 


Healing Stones & Crystals for Extroverts 


Mookaite is a wonderful stone when dealing with stress and anxiety so it makes

Mookaite Pyramids

sense that extroverts would benefit greatly from its grounding energy. Just like you, it is bold, powerful and ever-changing. This crystal allows you to embrace change and seek out all the things that make your heart sing. Drawing on your inner wisdom, Mookaite allows you to pick the most suitable path forward and find contentment. 

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How to Use Mookaite: Great as a protective talisman. Keep on you while travelling to encourage a positive attitude and make new friends. Can also be placed under your pillow to help you recharge.  

Also consider: Mookaite can be combined with a range of stones to increase feelings of empowerment and gratitude. Combine Mookaite with Apophyllite to release negative tension, and encourage deeper connections with your loved ones. 



The “Stone of Luck” is an excellent match for the enthusiastic nature of 

Pyrite Eggs

extroverts. Pyrite is a boost of fiery power that makes you feel confident and empowered. It is also the ideal shield of protection and will deflect bad energy from others. With its connection to the Solar Plexus, this stone provides the encouragement you need to fight for your most ambitious dreams and attracts wealth and prosperity. 

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How to Use Pyrite: Use during meditation or place in areas you do work like your desk. Best kept in the left-most corner of the house. Can also be worn as a protective talisman. Do not cleanse in water. Find out more about how to cleanse your crystals

Also consider: Pyrite is the perfect match for Citrine, another crystal that is all 

Citrine natural points

about abundance, prosperity and good vibes! Another lucky charm that does wonders for your Heart Chakra and when combined with Pyrite will spread peace, love and clean energy is Jade. Check out this wonderful Jade Tower crystal for serenity and cleansing. 


Green Chromium Quartz 

With its comforting colour and soothing energy, Chromium Quartz will become 

Chromium quartz

your emotional stabilizer, releasing you of negative energy and toxic thoughts. No matter how tough life seems to get, you can be sure that with Chromium Quartz, your mood will not be affected and you won’t shut down opportunities for connection with others in your life. 

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How to Use Chromium Quartz: As a Heart Chakra stone, try to keep Chromium Quartz near the centre of your chest during meditation. Great for all types of healing work. 

Rhodonite Towers

Also consider: As a Heart Chakra stone, Chromium Quartz can be combined with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Emerald to strengthen feelings of appreciation and affection. Rhodonite helps you feel even more revitalized than usual after a good catch up with friends and clears emotional blockages.



Crystal Infused Oil - Lavender & Rose Quartz 

Looking for something different? Essential oils infused with crystal energy are 

Rose Quartz and Lavender Oil

the ultimate healing tool that can support you throughout the day and bring positive vibes to your space. Extroverts need alone time just everybody else, so this calming blend will allow you to give attention to your thoughts and unwind so you are ready to conquer the day. 

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How to Use Lavender & Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Oil: This 100% pure essential oil can be used as an oil burner or in your humidifier. To use on your skin, first dilute with a carrier oil or an unscented body cream. 

Also consider: You can combine crystals with essential oils for 

Amethyst and Violet candle

ultimate  relaxation and healing. Keep in mind that certain crystals should be kept away from water, so always check if yours are suitable before submerging. A scented candle like this soothing Amethyst Candle with violet petals will complete the refreshing and soothing environment you deserve. 


Do you consider yourself an Extrovert? Please let us know what your favourite crystals are! 

Laura, Founder of Tali & Loz

  Love & Light, Laura


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