The Best Crystals to Protect from EMF

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When we talk about EMF which stands for electromagnetic field, (also known as electromagnetic radiation or EMR), we are referring to invisible waves of electrical charges. The most common source of EMF in our daily lives comes from our cell phones, but most other small electronics or anything that is plugged into a socket will have a low frequency of EMFs.

In our modern world, avoiding EMFs is impossible and there is no denying that our lives have improved in numerous ways due to technology, so there is no going back now. Even so, the way EMFs affect our bodies are still being investigated and so far some of the findings are not so encouraging.

Frequent exposure to high-frequency EMF levels has been linked to everything from headaches and low libido to brain tumours. When it comes to the potential hazards of radiofrequency, there is still a lot we don't know but being cautious and proactive seems to be a logical conclusion.

While some people are slowly becoming aware of the dangers of EMF radiation others have had to live with electromagnetic sensitivity for years, which is why it is important to educate ourselves before it becomes an issue.

Here are some of the best crystals to protect from EMFs.


Crystals to Guard against EMF radiation

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz may not be your typical protection stone but is an extremely 

Smokey quartz sphere

versatile crystal that lends itself to the task at hand beautifully and can surprise you with its unique capabilities. Similar to the Amethyst, Smokey Quartz is the result of radiation exposure from nearby rocks on a Quartz. Because of this, it is used primarily to heal and absorb EMF radiation from the body after it has already been exposed to EMF rather than a shield to be placed next to a device. Smokey Quartz is mostly used for grounding work and can calm even the most overactive mind. This is a great crystal to use if you are battling with stress and anxiety. Smokey Quartz is also safe to place in water to purify and boost the energies present.

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Black Tourmaline

One of the finest protective stones you could have around you and in your 

Black tourmaline rough

house at all times. Black Tourmaline, will cleanse and purify the energies around you and block harmful electromagnetic fields. It is best placed close to your electronic devices, like a router or next to your phone. You can also keep a large piece on your desk when working on your computer. Black Tourmaline vibrates strongly to your base chakras and especially the Root Chakra which provides peaceful grounding energy. With its highly absorbent qualities, it will intercept any negativity and leave you feeling confident and refreshed as you move through your daily life.



The dark and mysterious powers of Shungite have been used since ancient 

Shungite tumbles

years as protection against negative energies. Shungite works like an absorbent sponge, shielding the wearer or those nearby from everything that could be considered harmful, including EMF radiation. The crystal is made up of more than 98% per cent carbon, a common ingredient in most modern water filters. In Russia, Shungite crystals are added to drinking water for an extra boost of clean energy. 



Lepidolite is another powerful anti-stress and anxiety crystal due to the presence

Lepidolite sphere

of lithium and is also quite a rare stone. When used with Fluorite it can be even more powerful. Lepidolite will disperse electromagnetic pollution around your house, reduce stress and settle overactive minds. Known as the "Peace Stone", it spreads positive vibrations and can also be placed under your pillow to protect against nightmares and sleep disorders.


Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite is a truly captivating stone, whose name comes from Latin "fluere" 

Rainbow fluorite spheres

meaning "flow". You can find it in a variety of colours and hues, but the Rainbow Fluorite is particularly enchanting and combines a range of positive and beneficial qualities. It vibrates strongly with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and will cleanse any room from negative energy, while also eliminating negative self-perceptions and providing you with the confidence you need to chase after your wildest dreams. A lot of people use Rainbow Fluorite around their home or work office for a boost in concentration as it is also a great barrier from harmful EMF radiation.


Green Aventurine

A Heart Chakra stone, Green Aventurine is a natural healing crystal that can 

Green aventurine Tumbles

release pent up emotions, reduce fear and anxiety and improve creativity. Because of its high concentration of Quartz, Green Aventurine is a great healer and is used to amplify positive energy and neutralize negative situations in life. Aventurine gets rid of everything that is holding you back so you can lead a life full of love, peace and self-improvement. It is frequently used to protect and remove EMFs and can be worn as jewellery or kept around small electronic devices.


Red Jasper

Fiery red and exceptionally nourishing, Red Jasper is a grounding stone that 

Red Jasper towers

aligns strongly with the Root Chakra. This was a stone treasured by ancient civilizations and Native American tribes, used during cleansing rituals, and worn as jewellery or during battle. Red Jasper provides you with protection, courage and settles the mind so you can overcome any challenges that come your way. Most crystal healers recommend, keeping Red Jasper directly on your skin to intensify the vibrations. It is an excellent protective stone against EMFs and pollution. 


Black Onyx

The enigmatic Black Onyx is a crystal with immense power and will drain away 

Black onyx tumbles

negativity and fears and replace it with confidence and physical strength. Considered a stone of enlightenment, used to guide you towards your spiritual journey to self-improvement, Black Onyx has a strong connection to the Root Chakra and will keep you centred when everything seems to be lacking direction and purpose. Because of its shielding abilities it is used to guard against EMFs and is a great stone to reach for when you are going through difficult times.


Other ways to limit EMF exposure

  • Avoid using wireless devices and mobile phones
  • If you have to use a wireless device, do so on speaker mode so that you don't have to keep it near your head.
  • Don't sleep with your phone in the same room or anywhere near your body
  • Do not place laptops and other electronic devices on your lap
  • Avoid places with public Wi-Fi
  • Head to nature away from populated areas for the weekend

 As always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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  Love & Light, Laura
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