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Amber Rough Pieces

Amber Rough Pieces

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Amber Rough Pieces

Pronunciation: Am-ber

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral

Zodiac: Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Amber is an organic material made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons. It’s a very soft stone and it varies in colour from yellow to brown and even reddish at times. Often, it contains small amounts of plant material or fossilized insects from as far back as the Cretaceous Period. These stones have been used in the creation of jewellery for thousands of years, and Amber beads can be dated as far back as 2000 BC. Amber is often recommended to individuals who need soothing and overall healing. It has a warm and nurturing energy that encourages health and well-being. Connected to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, these stones carry the vibration life-force energy within them and can help users bring more of that energy into their own lives. It can also spark our own innate abilities to manifest prosperity. For a long, healthy, and prosperous life, consider adding Amber to your collection today.

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