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Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Set

Aquarius Zodiac Crystal Set

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AQUARIUS Zodiac Crystal Set

Rebellious & Visionary

Dates: Jan 20  - Feb 18

This personalized Aquarius Zodiac Set aids in mindfulness and manifestation and supports the eccentric and rebellious side of Aquarius. This zodiac sign is considered the genius of the zodiac and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, instead embracing its eccentric side. The 7-piece set is packaged with love and care and is guaranteed to bring positive vibrations to you or that special someone in your life. 

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Garnet - All Chakras 

Garnet can be found in a range of colours and is linked to passion, affection and commitment. The latter is a sore point for the independent nature of Aquarius and can enable them to show their sensitive and emotional side. Garnet is great for protection and is often used in jewelry. 

Hematite - Root Chakra 

Hematite is a great stone for the rebellious nature of Aquarius. A powerful grounding stone, it brings a sense of stability and security without taking away the joy and playfulness of the moment. 

Fluorite - Third Eye Chakra 

The Aquarius mind tends to be occupied by so many projects and humanitarian ideas they can seem and forgetful when it comes to everyday things. Fluorite is a great Throat Chakra stone that aids in clear communication and rational thinking and enhances focus and attention. 

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz symbolizes exporation, wisdom and higher intellect - all of which are part of Aquarius nature. At the same time, the deep compassion and positive energy it radiates can soften the logical side of this zodiac sign and create new opportunities for connections. 

Black Moonstone - Root Chakra 

A wonderful and unusual stone, Black Moonstone is a kind of Labradorite, with pale cream, grey, silver and brown striking patterns. This stone has a strong connection both to the Sacral and Third Eye Chakra and will allow you to break through toxic patterns and reconnect with yourself. 

Strawberry Quartz - Root Chakra 

Aquarius is a professional daydream and loves to seek a more profound meaning in everything. Strawberry Quartz will support this journey and compliment the visionary and analytical mind of this zodiac sign, making you feel grounded and secure in your quest. 

Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra 

Amethyst is an extremely protective stone that is perfect for the visionary Aquarius. As a stone of spirituality, it will bring awakening, insight, wisdom and intellect. 

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