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Cancer Candle with Emerald

Cancer Candle with Emerald

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Cancer Candle with Emerald

Empathy & Support

Dates: June 21  - July 22 

Candle: Lavender Fennel

Crystal: Emerald

Burning Time: 40 Hours


Cancer can be a rebel but never without a cause! Tenacious and unwavering, the fourth sign of the zodiac has a clear direction of right and wrong and works hard to achieve what they set out to do. Their empathetic and warm nature makes them vulnerable to the unfairness and harsh realities of this world. That is why the calming essence of lavender and refreshing fennel work so well to provide a calm and grounding scent that will instantly relax you. Emerald is a great stone for those born under the Cancer moon that personifies pure love and blissful surrender to the passion and joy of life. Emerald is also symbolic of romance and loving partnerships. This is a candle that will make you feel comfortable at home and spread nurturing vibrations just like you!

Made in Recycled Glass with Soy bean Wax and Essential Oils

Size: 200g/7oz.

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