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Labradorite Pyramids - Strength/Protection

Labradorite Pyramids - Strength/Protection

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Labradorite Pyramids

Pronunciation: La-bra-daw-rite

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Throat

Birthstone: February and March

Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Element: Water

Planet: Uranus

Origin: Canada

First discovered in the late 1700’s in Labrador, Canada, this unique crystal has beautiful iridescent hues of green, blue black and orange. According to Eskimo Indian legends, it is said that the Northern Lights were once stuck inside the rocks on the Canadian coast until a brave warrior freed most of them by hitting the rocks with a spear. The rocks that were not hit still have the Northern Lights within them. Since then, deposits have been discovered in Finland, Russia, Australia, Mexico, US and Madagascar. Even looking at a Labradorite, you can sense its high energy and healing qualities and a lot of people find it a very powerful and fast crystal. Labradorite will protect your aura and fight off any existential crisis that may plague your stressed and overactive mind. If you feel drained and need a boost of strength and perseverance, this stone will become a great companion. Using this crystal on your Third Eye Chakra will also balance and protect your aura, raise consciousness and ground spiritual energies, which promotes psychic abilities. Wearing a piece of this stone creates within you with a sense of excitement and adventure, to develop new goals and take the steps required to go where you have not gone before.

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