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The Inspiration Crystal Set

The Inspiration Crystal Set

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The Inspiration Crystal Set

Whether you are working on a new project or are stuck in your creativity and inspiration. This crystal set helps you in your process of boosting inspiration.

Crystals: Tigers Eye, Fluorite, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Angel Aura

Tigers Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a great protecting stone that will assist you with mental clarity and resolving past issues free of judgement and allow you to accomplish your goals. Place the stone near your Sacral Chakra this will be helpful for dispelling fear and anxiety, promoting a clear mind for creativity.


Nicknamed ‘The Genius Stone’, Fluorite is a powerful cleansing stone that increases your concentration, self-confidence and intuition. Placing this stone on your Third Eye Chakra is also recommended to promote wisdom and rational thinking.


Carnelian is a booster for positive self-perception, this gorgeous fiery stone is also great to aid and negative energy towards yourself. It enhances your creativity, inspiration and sexual energy as well.


Citrine helps you detoxify self-doubt and self-negativity. This gem has the positive properties of joy, confidence, and creativity. Citrine is also used to manifest abundance and prosperity.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a beautiful healing stone of prosperity and a strong heart healer. Its calming nature helps to strengthen and balance your energy and encourage a feeling of well-being. Carry this stone to improve clarity, creativity and bring up inspiration.

Angel Aura

You can think of the Angel Aura Quartz as the guardian of your aura. This powerful stone radiates high vibrations of uplifting energy that can make you feel lighter and happier. It is also one of the best stones for clearing and brightening your aura, as well as stimulating and unblocking all the chakras. Angel Aura’s protective shield encourages the three ‘I’s’: intuition, insight and intellect and can be your daily reminder that nothing is out of reach and that your dreams are worth fighting for.

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