Support Circle

Our Spiritual Support Circle

Together we stand stronger.

This page is a personal page from me, Laura, that I love to share with you.

My support circle exists out of beautiful people that support me in my mind, body and soul growth. I talk with them, learn from them, share with them and we love to have philosophical conversations. 

This shared knowledge gives me the tools to share and discover knowledge with you.

Let me introduce you to these beautiful healers;

Jev - Evolutionary Astrologer

Evolutionary Astrologer, Reiki practitioner and somatic guide.

I bring this mix of wisdom to assist people on their path towards wholeness and joy. My mission is to make Astrology accessible and empowering for everyone.     

Favourite Crystal:
So hard to choose because I enjoy many - some for their energy and some for their beauty. But the one, which is the most compatible with my energy is without doubt a Rose Quartz. It's resonating with my heart and helps to always keep it in a warm and loving vibration 

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Basia, integrative therapist

Basia - Integrative Therapist

I am an integrative therapist, warm, compassionate, and easy to talk to. I offer space and presence that is warm, respectful, caring, and supportive of healing.

My intention as a therapist is to support clients to explore and move beyond difficult or limiting experiences and provide an opportunity for them to reconnect with their most authentic selves.

Favourite Crystal:

My favourite crystal is Pyrite. The fire and earth element of this stone it truly helps me get grounded and more confident whenever it’s close to me.

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Are you drawn to any of the healers in the Tali & Loz Spiritual Support Circle?

Feel free to connect with them because together we stand stronger.

Love & Light, Laura Konst

Becky - Reiki Master and Sound Healer

I am a reiki teacher, practioner, sound healer and intuitive.

I use a combination of ancient healing practices combined with my own intuition and experience to help support my clients in becoming healthier, awakened and aligned individuals.

Favourite Crystal:

I have many favourite crystals, however the one I use and love the most is Labradorite. It brings me closer to my creativity, it protects me and when used in treatments creates a clear connection to the divine.

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Tina Slade - Quantum Leap Crystal Programming

With my Light Language and channelling, I will align your crystal to your individual blueprint.

This ceremony is for practitioners healing with crystals and for those whose soul calls to reconnect into crystal remembrance. Quantum Leap Reprogramming will upgrade your healing and intuition to align you with your divine blueprint.

Favourite Crystal:

Lemurian Star Seed Crystal for cosmic journeying and my Septarian Egg connecting me to my multidimensional dragons!

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