About Us

Tali & Loz is a small business run by me, CMA certified Crystal Healer, Laura Konst, MCMA. It is a brand inspired by conscious and spiritual living, based in London, UK.

We first and foremost care about the ethical and environmental side of the

Laura, founder of Tali and Loz

unearthing of crystals, and our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. We are also very proud we donate £1 per sale to help Non-Profits.

Our mission is to curate ethically sourced, pure energy and wonderful vibrational crystals, sage cleansing sticks and handmade crystal candles, that can support you in your crystal healing journey or of course can be given as thoughtful gifts.

All our crystals receive a sage cleansing bath and are charged in the full moon so they are ready to be used straight away. Arriving in gorgeous recycled packaging with an information card, you and those lucky enough to receive them as a gift, will always know what they can use these beauties for.

Spiritual Support Circle

We love to work with other healers and people with spiritual interest to share their knowledge and philosophy in our podcast and blogs. Together we stand stronger and we all love to help each other. In the podcast we discover a new branch of spirituality with a very open mind and no judgement. Whether you believe in the powers of Reiki, Crystals, Spirit Communications, Dragons and more, we love to discover all these spiritual beliefs to enhance our self-growth and practise our openness to things we might not fully understand.  

Please contact us to discuss featuring on our podcast or blogs. Get involved, stay in touch, we love to hear from you!

We love to be in touch with all our customers and provide free crystal advice. Feel free to email us or get in touch via social media, or why not sign up to our Tali & Loz tribe to get exclusive access to pre-sales, offers and events.

Can’t find the crystals you are looking for?

Pink Amethyst Butterfly

We have great relationships with our suppliers, and are more than happy to help find the crystals/minerals you are after. Whether they are huge cathedrals or small tumblestones, drop us an email and we will try our best to find them for you!

About me:

I have been attracted to crystals, lunar living and overall spirituality since I was little. My mum introduced me to them, but in the 90’s and 2000’s in a small town in The Netherlands, it wasn’t something you talked about openly. So, we kept it between ourselves, and a select few of my mum’s friends.

Unfortunately, during my teens and early twenties I lost touch with this interest (and myself I’d say), although I always kept track of the moon’s cycle! But when I moved to London, in 2013, I worked in an environment with others who shared those interests, and straight away it sparked my love for crystals again. It was meant to be!

Moving forward to 2018 I started to suffer from anxiety attacks, but wanting to avoid medication, I managed them with meditation, yoga and crystals. At the time I was going through IVF with a husband who was developing cold feet, and a divorce unfortunately followed.

A couple of days into the first Covid-19 lockdown, I was furloughed, and filled my time studying topics close to my heart, keen to develop myself. Soon afterwards, I lost my job due to the pandemic, and slowly but surely it became clear that having my own business was the way forward. But what was to be the focus? It took a good couple of months before I realised, the answer was literally right under my nose! My passion, my crystal saviours, my spiritual beliefs, and my life experience so far…They could all come together and allow me to help other people.

With inspiration and help from my friend, designer and astrologer Natalia Moro, we started Tali & Loz. Quite soon after building the foundations, Natalia’s life took a turn which unfortunately moved her away from Tali & Loz, but hopefully in the future we will work together again.

September 27th 2020, I launched the Tali & Loz website and from the beginning the support I received from those around me and the growing Tali & Loz Tribe has humbled me so much! Right up until today I have great friends who are helping me build Tali & Loz and I could not do it without them.

Soon Hayley-Joanne, who I knew from the beauty industry days, started to help me out more and more with social media, creatives, products ideas and more! Now Hayley-Jo is going above and beyond to help build Tali & Loz and I can't go without her! 

In the meantime, I have received my CMA crystal and chakra healer certification and keep studying for a variety of spiritual support courses as well as gemology and geology so that I can keep growing myself to be able to support others, with the help of my crystal saviours.

Hayley-Jo and I are very excited to be on this journey to connect with you and support each other. 

Laura, founder of Tali and loz

Laura Konst

Founder of Tali & Loz

Favourite Crystals:

My favourite crystals keep changing depending on my current needs, but right now my go-to crystals are:

-Flower Agate to calm my anxiety and remind me of practising self-care

-Chrysoprase to remind me of self-love and letting go of perfectionism

-Labradorite to raise my vibration and strengthen my intuition. I also have an extremely overactive mind, meditating with labradorite helps me to compartmentalize my thoughts better.