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Chrysoprase Tumblestones - Protection/Emotional Support

Chrysoprase Tumblestones - Protection/Emotional Support

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Chrysoprase Tumblestones

Pronunciation: Kri-suh-preiz

Chakras: Heart and solar plexus

Zodiac: Libra and Taurus

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Quality Grade: AAA Grade

Origin: Brazil

Chrysoprase derives its name from the Greek combination of “chrysos” and “prásinos” meaning ‘gold and green’. This bright apple-green crystal is a big promoter of positivity, joy, happiness and seeing the world in a colourful way. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or just feel low, carry Chrysoprase with you, to promote self-love, positive self-perception and forgiveness towards yourself. Having Chrysoprase under your pillow and/or next to your bed will help with a more peaceful sleep schedule and protect your aura.

Meditate with Chrysoprase on your Solar Plexus Chakra to release any blockages you may have and open up the ability to enhance your emotional security. To unblock any negative vibrations towards, love, compassion and happiness, meditate with Chrysoprase on your Heart Chakra. This is a wonderful positive stone for everyone, that will help you pull you through the more difficult phases in your life.


These tumblestones are 20-30mm in size.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

Once you have chosen your crystal, we will make a conscious choice which one to send to you.

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