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Black Moonstone Tumblestones - Protection/Emotional Support

Black Moonstone Tumblestones - Protection/Emotional Support

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Black Moonstone Tumblestones

Pronunciation: Bla-k Moon-Stow-ne

Chakras: Third-Eye, Sacral and Root

Birthstone: June

Zodiac: Aquarius

Element: Earth

Planet: Uranus

Origin: Madagascar

Black Moonstone is a variety of Labradorite and belongs to the Feldspar mineral family, that was first discovered in Madagascar, East Africa. As a Labradorite, the Black Moonstone has a remarkable array of colours that mix in unique combinations. Even though it appears black at first glance, each piece includes stripes of white, grey, silver, and deep brown. The Black Moonstone has a variety of metaphysical properties and is treasured for its protective vibrations that can guard you against negativity and toxic energy.

Most of the Black Moonstone pieces include peach coloured lines that create strong connections to the sacral chakra. So, if you are struggling with a lack of passion, intimacy, and creative, the Black Moonstone can provide emotional support and connect you to the energy you need to get through a bad breakup or work through relationship troubles. It can also help you get in touch to the Divine Feminine, and release your Lunar energy to find harmony, sacred peace and flow. It can be a great gift for new mothers with its warm and nurturing feminine energy.  Black Moonstone is here to remind us to push past our buried emotional distress and release our negative energy. Try to recharge this stone often in the moonlight.

All our crystals are sold per one piece.

Once you have chosen your crystal, we will make a conscious choice which one to send to you.

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