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Sodalite Tumblestones - Creativity/Higher Consciousness

Sodalite Tumblestones - Creativity/Higher Consciousness

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Sodalite Tumblestones

Pronunciation: So-da-lie-t

Chakras: Third eye and Throat

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Element: Air

Planet: Moon

Sodalite, the stone of peace, was a ‘late discovery’, as it was first found in Greenland in 1806, but was hardly used until the late 1800’s when larger areas were found in Canada. The gorgeous deep blue colour of the crystal blends with blue-grey and brown but you may also find ones with deposits of red and green. The high vibrations of Sodalite have made it a favourite crystal amongst public speakers and people that require clear and rational communication at work or their personal life. As a strong promoter of logical thinking and with its connection to your Throat Chakra, Sodalite will allow you to work through complex thoughts and arrive at conclusions in a calm and relax manner. It's said that from the early discovery days, creatives, artists and ‘outside the box’ thinkers admired Sodalites vibrations and energies, and they felt it enhanced their creativity, inspiration and allow them to see more clearly. The Third Eye Chakra has a strong connection with Sodalite, so meditation with this stone will provide clarity to your true vision, your insight, and bring you to the deeper realm of higher consciousness. This stone of peace will also help with self-love, better understanding of others and reduce anxiety. Placing a few tumbled stones or larger rocks next to your bed will promote a more peaceful sleep.

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